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Why Lion Series is the Best Fit For Men’s Grooming

Personal grooming is all about practicing self care by introducing the right ingredients to your body, skin and hair. After ages, men too have begun to consider this as an essential part of their day-to-day schedule. But, we know that what men need for their body care is quite different from the female centric products widely available in the market. Taking this into note, Bryan & Candy’s Lion Series brings you an absolute range designed only for men. This most appreciated skin routine is the best fit if you are looking for men’s complete grooming.

Here’s a brief introduction to each of these products for your skincare and hair care daily schedule


Your skin has several pores through which you breathe. It is the opening from where it eats the nutrition it requires to maintain its natural self. If pollution & dirt gets into it, they turn into blackheads and acne whereas when nutritive agents get into it, they enhance its beauty. This is why skincare is extremely vital; for two reasons – 

1. To get rid of the harmful things that affect its beauty and,

2. To introduce it to enhancing things that help it remain healthy.

Therefore, when we are looking for the best men’s grooming brands, we fail to understand what is needed and what must be avoided for a man’s skin. Let’s walk through some highly essential products for men by Bryan & Candy’s Lion Series and understand why a man needs it.

Lemon Thyme and Spearmint Shower Gel

A man is believed to sweat more than a woman due to the rough lifestyle he goes through, throughout his day. To deal with such troubles that can be a skin problem, a shower gel is great. Lemon Thyme & Spearmint Gel is powered with ingredients that energizes your senses, nourishes your skin with essential oils and cleanses with ultra moisturization. To summarize, it gives an utter bathing experience, a man would ask for, on a tired, stressful day.

De-Tan Face Scrub

A de-tan face scrub is hardly a part of the best men’s grooming products online, but you will definitely find this in the Lion Series for Men. Scrubbing is as essential for men as bathing and other routines. With gentle exfoliating care, this de-tan face scrub clears the skin pigmentation issues to provide it with a fresh glow. To get rid of blackheads, impurities and dead skin cells there are natural extracts utilised in this product to deliver a natural de-tan to prevent any possibilities of side effects.

Intense Face & Beard Moisturizer

Dryness, falkiness and irritation is the most common complaint of men with whiskers. The Intense Face & Beard Moisturizer is here to bring a soothing effect to such issues with its hydrating solution. It is light-weight and works great to soften the facial hair.


Lemon Thyme and Spearmint Shampoo

Personal grooming is not just limited to the skin but the hair health matters too. To meet all the expectations taking into consideration hair fall, hair growth, dandruff control and cleansing, the Lion Series’ Lemon Thyme and Spearmint Shampoo is the apt hair cleanser to choose. 

Hair Style Gel

Hair styling gel has become a basic necessity for men, since it keeps their hair manageable and set to attend events like a college lecture, office meeting and many more. Being always a very premium part of the best grooming products for men, Lion Series Hair Style Gel is made up from skin-vitalizing natural ingredients.

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