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Having our roots for more than 20 years in Dermatological/Skincare product manufacturing and also being the contract manufacturer to leading pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies from across the globe, we have perfected our chemistry and acquired the skills needed for precision manufacturing. This is very well supported by our world-class research and development teams in USA and India to drive our vision of creating efficacious plant-based & scientifically proven products.

Our founder, Mr. Dipak Desai, and his team had a close interaction and business collaborations with the global personal care industry during his extended stay in New York which is the epicenter of global living. The idea of a globally appealing brand, with international packaging and design, took shape. With the right expertise and know-how in manufacturing, a reservoir of knowledge, skills, and production facilities, he started working to convert these strengths in creating Luxury Bath and Body products for Indian and Asian skin types, and finally launching a brand that is the best in class by any global standards. His team of experts collaborates with physicians, cosmetologists, and world-renowned chemists to perfect the formulation. His dedication and perseverance have brought Bryan & Candy products at par with international quality and sustainable/recyclable packaging to India.

Bryan & Candy is a clean, vegan-friendly, powerful, and high-performing luxury bath & body care brand that yields far better results than any other extravagant and over-priced brand.

The assortment of our products elevates the bath & body care routine with ingredients like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, and natural actives with in-vitro/in-vivo studies which are exclusively suited for individual, family, and gifting purposes.

Our range of products under bath & body essentials have received an overwhelming response in terms of Product Performance and Consumers’ Satisfaction index. This allows the brand to add newer categories at regular intervals.

We believe in innovating and evolving without compromise. We are committed to delivering the most premium quality products and services with our Luxury Bath & Body Essentials and continue to live up to the expectations of our customers.