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Benefits of Activated Charcoal for your Body, Face and Hair

Meta Description – Know why using activated charcoal for your body, hair and face is extremely beneficial and surprisingly healthy.

If you are looking for a comprehensive skin cleansing solution, activated charcoal is excellent for it. Using it in any of your skin, hair or body care routine will bring you a wide range of surprising benefits. It has unique properties which neither absorbs nor adsorbs or metabolizes by the skin. Whatever the impact this super awesome entity does is by working from the surface itself, to cleanse and make it toxic-free.

So, how exactly is this done for your body, face and hair? 

Activated charcoal for your body, face and hair are beneficial in the following ways –

Peel the Toxins Off with a Face Mask

The face has fewer layers of skin as compared to the body and that’s why it is considered amongst the delicate areas of the body. So the action of dirt and pollutants on the face can cause more harm than the body. This indicates why using a charcoal peel off face mask is a must in your daily or weekly routine. Along with releasing the harmful materials out from the skin pores, the mask de-tans, removes dead skin cells and also makes it glow beautifully.

Exfoliate the Damaging Barriers trapped in Your Pores

While using a normal salt or sugar scrub can help in cell turnover as it scrubs away the dead skin cells and locked pores, activated charcoal face scrub can exfoliate and detox at the same time. Although, with so many products out there in the ecommerce sites, order activated charcoal products online from a well known brand only. This will ensure that your skin is introduced to a certified and dermatologically tested product.

Get Rid of Pollutants to Brighten the Skin

Even though you randomly use the super ingredient called charcoal in your skin and haircare, using the flavour in your face wash is a top choice. It will keep your skin cleansed, supple, brightened, free from dirt, pollution-causing damage, sun-tan and give it an even-tone. When your face wash is loaded with so many benefits, why not add it to your daily use products?!

Give your Scalp and Hair a Healthy & Clean Wash

Scalp buildup is a constant concern too, especially in the growing polluted surroundings we live in today. There are hundreds of solutions you can count on for your skin, but the scalp is quite reactive to certain products to go for a trial and error. Activated charcoal can prove to be your scalp hero that works without causing any side effects or trouble for your scalp. Use activated charcoal shampoo if you experience excessive greasing, flake buildup and itchy scalp and hair. 

Completely Cleansing Shower Experience

The high absorption nature of activated charcoal in your shower gel can give you a completely cleansing experience at bathing. Not only it draws the toughly trapped impurities between your skin cells and pores, but its antimicrobial properties get rid of harmful pathogens too. Using any body wash, bathing soap or shower gel with this special substance is much needed at least once a week to assure a clear, cleansed and toxin-free skin.

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