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Green Tea Products for Glowing Skin This Rainy Season

Meta Description: If you want to give your skin the natural glow from deep nourishment, use green tea products during the rainy season.

A healthy detox helps your body get rid of harmful elements, works on balancing the beneficial one and builds up a strong immune system. Green tea is considered as a great super food for detox not just for your body but also your skin. In fact it is amongst the top detoxing agents that you should use at least once in your everyday routine. This makes sense why so many skin care products are exclusively nurtured with green tea extracts and benefits.

The rainy season brings quite an irregular imbalance in nature, bringing down acidic waters with moisture in the air, and the surroundings extremely prone to illness & impurities. To battle these many problems, having green tea infused products in your daily schedule can help you keep skin problems away. If the skin is already damaged, the strong antioxidants in this super ingredient will take care of it, repair it and restore its natural form. It never lets you lose your glow. Yes! That’s the power of just one thing – green tea.

So, let’s use this power inside out and work on giving our body and skin its natural glow despite the monsoon blues. Here are some amazing products that will assist you in your skin detox journey this rainy seasons

Green Tea Bath & Shower Gel to Kick-start the Day

Give your mornings a fragrant rich lather bath with green tea shower gel; kick-starting your day to a rejuvenating experience. The antioxidants in it induce skin melanin production to fix uneven pigmentation and tans. Just take a drop or two in your loofah and work through it over your body to let it absorb the goodness as it cleanses and does its job.

These types of products are extremely popular in the online market today. However, when you buy such bath & shower products online, make sure they are natural and have no toxins like parabens and sulfates used. 

Regularly Moisturize with Green Tea Body Lotion

A moisturizer is a saviour of the day, isn’t it? Many of us follow a strict timetable to keep the skin moisturized from morning to evening and also right before bed. Because, it is the only product that ensures rich absorption and provides long lasting, nourishing effects to our skin. So, why don’t we add green tea in it and make it even more happening?! Let’s enrich our monsoon affected skin with green tea based hand and body lotion. While finding such products are tough in the regular cosmetic shops, you can buy this hand and body lotion online from Bryan & Candy’s store.

Although, if you suffer from extensively dry skin, you can skip body lotion and switch to green tea body butters – a perfect replacement. These have thick consistency but work wonders on patchy, irritated and inflamed skin and brings back its glow. If you have the same skin complaints, just buy and try such body butters from an online store that has green tea extracts and see the difference yourself. 

Green Tea Exfoliators – The Best Step

Considered as the perfect exfoliators, green tea body scrubs are best for your body, be it any season. With getting rid of dead skin cells, these also work on revitalising the skin with natural oils, feeding it with nutrients and making way for healthy brightening. The extraordinary properties of this agent is perfect to give your body exfoliation the proper results it seeks. Moreover, you condition your body skin and make it plumper and healthier when you use this kinda product during the rainy season.

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