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How to Rain-Proof Your Skin with Bryan & Candy Products

Changing climate calls for changing regimes where we adapt ourselves as per the circumstances. We change our food habits, our clothing habits, make changes to our daily hygiene and so much more. In monsoon, we are extra careful about everything since we must ensure we are unaffected from the regularly altering weather. When we do so much for our lifestyle, then why leave our skin behind at all?!

The skin experiences the same changes that our body does when rainfall arrives. It tries to react as per the weather conditions. But, today if we look at the world, weather changes are rapid and unhealthy. With increased pollution year on year, even the foggy weather during the rainy season has turned gray; into smog. This might affect our skin badly and hence, we must be ready to rain-proof our skin from inside out and ensure it is uninfluenced by it.

Bryan & Candy looks at this closely to assure you have nothing but a healthy, glowing and well-nurtured skin with the absolute range of products it brings.

Bryan & Candy Face & Beard Wash

If you want to eagerly buy a face and beard wash online, Bryan & Candy is a perfect choice. Offering deep cleansing, Bryan & Candy’s Face Beard Wash is a nourished conditioning to the coarse and rough ends of your beard skin and face. Its dense foam allows deep cleansing for effective removal of grit and germs from monsoon-affected skin. This assures that not just the beard, but the skin beneath the hair is cleansed well.


The product contains rich and natural ingredients such as –

  • Mulberry Extract – Known to brighten the skin naturally by working on dark spots and pigmented areas
  • Provitamin B5 – Helps the derma to restore its moisture, creates a protective barrier and prevents skin irritation
  • Licorice Extract – Has soothing properties to deal with itchy and irritated skin
  • Oatmeal – Gets rid of dirt, excess oil & germs and has great exfoliating properties

Bryan & Candy De Tan Face Scrub

Keep the monsoon tan and dullness at bay with face scrubs. For efficacious exfoliation, Bryan & Candy’s De Tan Face Scrub is the best exfoliating face scrub available that has an absolutely amazing combination of ingredients. It kicks away blackheads, dead skin cells and dirt from a rough, polluted, lifeless, dull and tanned skin. Sounds like an apt monsoon care product!


The product contains active natural ingredients such as –

  • Licorice Extract – The active compound in licorice extracts deals with uneven and dark spots and brightens to give the skin its natural, even color
  • Mulberry Extract – Fixes blemishes, uneven skin tone and helps the skin propagate its natural radiance
  • Turmeric Extract – Great for skin care as it contains anti-inflammatory components and is a rich source of antioxidants; offering the skin an extraordinary lustre

Bryan & Candy Rejuvenating Clay Face Mask

A clay mask has always been a multi-purpose, multi-solution for your facial skin. While your skin is unable to balance its oil production and prevent uninvited skin concerns during the rainy season, Bryan & Candy Rejuvenating Clay Face Mask can come as a product to resolve them. And, more importantly, you can order this best face mask easily online, at a reasonable price. 


Made up of natural ingredients such as –

  • Manicouagan Minerals (Clay) – Provides bucket full of benefits for your skin that regenerates, hydrates, intensely cleanses, reduces inflammation, revitalises, exfoliates, eliminates toxins and boosts blood flow
  • Turmeric Extracts – Instantly relieves from skin inflammation, bacterial actions on the dermal layers and gives it a natural glow
  • Shea Butter – A rich moisturizing agent that nourishes and protects the skin with its anti-ageing properties.

Bryan & Candy has designed all these products considering what men and women require for their personal grooming and body care. Made up from nature’s goodwill with no toxins like parabens, SLES and sulfates, these promise you sheer care and quality.

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