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Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Protect Your Hair This Rainy Season

How many of you go through an uncontrolled hair fall during monsoons? I am sure many would raise their hand and say I am one of those. The monsoonal breeze may be freshening but the humidity, dust and pollution that it carries along with it definitely damages the hair to an unnoticeable extent. This later can be seen as sticky, frizzy, unmanageable, rough and falling hair. 

Before these seasonal woes deeply affect the hair quality and cause long term damage, it is time we create a well planned hair care routine to set everything right for our special crown. After all, this crown makes our personality and appearance stand out. Hence we must take a little time from our daily, busy schedule to care for it and protect it from any harm that these weather changes are going to bring.

Here are a few best hair care tips to protect your hair from the rainy season:

1. Protect your scalp from rainwater

Monsoon waters are acidic that can make your hair rough and full of frizz. Even if your hair is exposed to it, make sure you dry it up as soon as possible with a soft towel. This is because the pH level of the rainy water is not at all good for your hair. So, supposedly if you have drenched due to a heavy thunderstorm, make sure you take a head bath with a clarifying shampoo. Search on the internet and buy the best shampoo online that fits well and promises to solve your hair problems.

While women are quite familiar with their shampoo choices, it is men that are usually unaware about what shampoo can be best for them during such times. Men must take a look at the popular Bryan & Candy’s Impresso Man Everyday Clarifying Shampoo. Always prefer to buy men’s range from men’s best grooming products available in the market or online.

2. A healthy meal equals a healthy hair

We become what we eat – heard of that right?! A proper nutritious diet helps to keep our hair and scalp health boosted from within. Eating food rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals powers the growth, strength and quality of our hair day after day. This gives them a good defense against hazardous things coming their way.

3. Reconsider hair products with the changing environment

Just like how a skin type reacts differently at different seasons, your scalp and hair too does. This is why it is wise to reconsider the products you use for hair when monsoon starts. The following suggestions should help –

  • Use oils that balance sebum creation and moisture for your hair without making it too oily or un-balancing its moisture.
  • Pick the right shampoo to get rid of hair-fall and impurities that stay in hair during this season. While an activated charcoal shampoo can help you detox your scalp and hair well, an anti-hairfall shampoo can work on those elevated numbers of falling strands.
  • Use an oil-free conditioner and only use them around your lengths. Never use it around your scalp area.
  • Wear a hair mask 2-3 times a month if required.

Bryan & Candy Activated Charcoal Shampoo enriched with natural inspired ingredients like vitamin E, bamboo charcoal, argan oil.  Shampoo gently clears up all buildups to let your scalp breathe free and to leave your hair naturally smooth and shiny.

Bryan & Candy Superio Men Anti-hairfall Shampoo formulated with rich & natural ingredients like procapil, hytrolysed keratin & vital amino acid. Procapil provides anti-aging activity on the root sheath. Hydrolysed Keratin can penetrate the hair shaft, replace the lost protein, and strengthen the hair from inside. Vital amino acids provide nourishment for instant conditioning and excellent frizz protection for straight and curly hair.

Bryan & Candy Lemon Thyme Spearmint Shampoo powered by nature inspired ingredients like procapil, hytrolysed keratin & vital amino acid gives real treat for stronger hair.

4. Use your comb the correct way

Using the apt comb for the type and texture of hair you have – curls, wavy or straight. A wooden comb or a brush is preferable than a plastic comb that makes your hair static. The tooth of your comb must be wide, especially if you have thick and long hair, to prevent hair breakage. Wash your comb regularly to keep it clean, dirt-free and germ-free. Never share your comb with anyone.

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