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The Benefits of Using Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

Hair conditioning comes with proper oiling because oiling offers deep nourishment, lustrous texture and smoothness. Considering this phenomena, men can now take care of their beard hair as well, now with beard oil. Since managing a beard is a challenge of its own, Bryan & Candy’s Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil is made from learning about them closely.

Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Oil is a complete care package for your whiskers. With regular application of this oil you can promote a healthy growth to the beard & moustache making it easily manageable. Since the beard hair is usually thick and pricky the oil ensures it gets sufficient smoothness to style it however you want.

Designed with the blend of safe and natural ingredients, the oil offers deep nourishment to the hair follicles to stimulate strength. The skin under your beard that usually becomes dry and is constantly exposed to strong chemicals gets naturally moisturized by this product.


  • Argan Oil – Argan oil is a gem for your beard health. Its multi-tasking benefits properties are apt for men’s grooming. It heals up the dryness in the hair and well as the beard skin, soothes any type of inflammation around it and shields them against any damage.
  • Almond Oil – Almond oil is rich in fatty acids, biotin and magnesium that boost hair growth, prevents dandruff, removes dead skin cells, gets rid of inflammation. It also contains oleic and linoleic acid that works as a natural hair smoothner.
  • Wheat Germ Oil – Great at restoring moisture to your hair giving it a conditioning effect. Containing omega-3 fatty acids, it is a potent remedy for hairfall. It also contains plenty of minerals and vitamins that stimulate good volume to your beard hair. The fatty acids in it gives your beard a long lasting hydrating and kicks off flakiness around the skin area.
  • Vitamin E – An optimal nourishing agent that works on brittleness to prevent breakage. When massaged onto your face & beard, it promotes blood circulation for faster growth.

Benefits of Using Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

The abundant benefits that the beard oil brings you are:

  • Provides softness to the rough, stiff beard
  • Prevents skin irritation & itching
  • Make hair stronger & prevents breakage
  • Gets rid of dandruff and flakiness
  • Leaves your hair non-greasy
  • Gives you a long lasting fragrance
  • An overall great conditioner

Amongst many other benefits that the beard oil delivers, one of the key benefits is that it is completely natural and free from any harmful chemicals. It is free from silicon and paraben and contains no mineral oil or petroleum.

How to Apply?

Step1: Cleanse your face with a face wash or face scrub. Wash with cold, tap water. Pat dry.

Step 2: Take 4-5 drops of the oil onto your palm and rub it between them for a minute gently.

Step 3: Apply it to your moustache and beard hair follicle areas.

Step 4: Gently comb them to even out and set the oil for better absorption.

For best results, wash your face with Bryan & Candy Deep Cleansing Face & Beard Wash before applying the beard oil.

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