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Bryan & Candy

Discover Women's Perfume Set | 4 Unique Scents

Rs. 420.00 Rs. 600.00  ( 30% off Incl. of Taxes)
  • A set of 4 long-lasting and soothing fragrances curated for the modern woman
  • Includes four unique perfumes: Enigma, Delicate Rose, Icandy, and Illusion
  • Each perfume contains 8ml of fragrance
  • Provides a variety of fragrances to choose from, suitable for different moods and occasions
  • Enigma: a hypnotic blend of fruity flavors and floral elegance
  • Delicate Rose: a fresh and delicate rose fragrance with a modern twist
  • Icandy : a fruity and floral fragrance with a long-lasting and soothing effect
  • Illusion: a woody and musky fragrance with a hint of floral and fruity notes
  • Designed to evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance, with a modern touch
  • A great gift for a loved one or for treating yourself to a new fragrance experience.

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