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Bryan & Candy

Illusion: A 50ml Pack of Long-Lasting, Lingering & Enchanting Women's Perfume

Rs. 559.00 Rs. 799.00  ( 30% off Incl. of Taxes)
  • Illusion gradually unravels its mystical floral, fruity and musky layers adding an irresistible charm to the bearer’s beauty.
  • The marvellous melon and opulent orange teamed with the lilting lemon lend an alluring aura. Illusion encompasses the beauty of a floral bouquet: green lilies, powerful gardenia, lush magnolia, poised peonies and camellia blossoms.
  • Such a blooming fragrance is based on soft white musk notes, blending beautifully with warm amber, creamy sandal and earthy patchouli.

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