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Bryan & Candy

Cocoa shea White Heart Kit

Rs. 630.00 Rs. 900.00  ( 30% off Incl. of Taxes)
  • 150ml Bath & Shower Gel created by blending the finest Cocoa Shea Extracts. Experience a true, invigorating luxury that stays with you, all throughout the day.
  • 140ml Moisturizing hand and body lotion that will alleviate the effects of unkind weather and bring out a bright and sparkling you.
  • 100gm Face & Body polish that natural exfoliating bead are smooth and gives balanced exfoliation without being harsh to the skin.
  • Also includes a Luxury Loofah. This soft & fluffy loofah gently exfoliates dirt and dead cells & is the perfect ally for your daily grooming regimen.
  • Paraben Free, Cruelty free. Suitable for all skin types.

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