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Mistakes to avoid when bathing and caring for your body

What water is too hot? What is too cold? How many times to shower? Why is my skin dry and scratchy after a shower? Shower gel, Soap bar, Shampoo, Hair cream, body wash, body gel, phew, the options are endless! Do you know that these options are not necessarily good for you? That there are common bathing mistakes that we make that damage our skin?


Exactly! Even we were surprised as to how bathing can be wrong. Read on to understand how chemicals in products and drying agents affect our skin.


4 common mistakes we make while bathing and taking care of ourselves are: -

  • Bathing too often- unless one is sweaty, grimy or dusty, one shouldn’t bathe too often. Bathing with soap, shower gel or any other cleaning agent strips our body of its natural oils making our skin dry and scratchy.

  • Using too hot water damages the skin. Hot water is drying. It strips the skin of all its oils and dries the cells.

  • Using commercial skin cleaners and hair cleaners that have harsh chemicals. Unknown to us, most common soap, bathing bars etc have harsh chemicals. They disrupt the pH balance of the skin and disrupt the acid mantle of the skin.

    An acid mantle is a thin film or layer protecting the skin. The acid mantle is responsible for retaining and keeping the natural moisture levels intact. It also helps form a protective shield on the skin and prevent damage from environmental stimuli of pollution, UV rays, bacteria, amongst others. The most popular body washes, shower gels and handmade soaps contain Sodium Hydroxide. This chemical is highly alkaline with a pH of approx. 11. The high alkaline factor therefore adversely affects our skin. The price of bath care and skin care are not just cruel on your wallet but also skin. They lead to a dry and flaky skin, with itchiness, redness, premature aging amongst others.

  • Not moisturizing your skin after a shower or bathing. If you have a tendency towards dry skin, it is always preferred to moisturize your skin after every bath. This helps in absorption of the moisturizer and also helps to keep skin soft and supple.

Of all the things I read, the acid mantle affected me the most. I started reading more about it and that is when I discovered products from Bryan and Candy. Their Luxury Foaming Body Wash contains Provitamin B5 and have a skin friendly pH of 5.5. This helps in skin renewal and rejuvenation while also giving us soft and smooth skin. The body wash gently cleanses the skin and hydrates it too. The resulting skin is smooth, supple and moisturized skin. The Bryan and Candy products are also enriched with PENTAVITIN, an organic active compound that helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin for 48 hours.

Final Words:

I have been using a BRYAN AND CANDY Luxury Foaming Body wash for the past month and my skin is completely in love with this product and can’t stop thanking me. One can enjoy a celebrity-like experience at an affordable price. I am happy with the results and recommend you all to try it for flawless skin

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