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After a shower, pH 5.5 helps you stay hydrated

Feeling frustrated because of dry and flaky skin? And your skin is aging fast? Despite using high-quality creams and moisturizers, your skin isn’t improving?

This is one of the most common skin problems, a lot of people are facing these days. The reason behind this problem is the increased level of pH of the skin.


What happens when the pH level of the skin is high?

High skin pH levels can cause

  • Irritation on the skin
  • Acne
  • Redness
  • Dryness (or Dry spots)
  • Stripping of the skin
  • Skin dehydration leading to the wrinkles


What causes skin pH imbalance?

The natural pH of the skin is 5.5. Some of the factors that affect skin pH are

  • Excess exposure to sunlight
  • Air pollution
  • Alcohol
  • Chemically formulated body washes, shower gels, and Soaps.


The commercial body washes and shower gels contain ingredients such as Sulphates and Parabens which are harsh on our skin and damage the acid mantle of the skin. This is because these body washes have a pH higher than 9. Even the handmade soaps and beauty bars have extremely high pH because they contain high percentage of caustic soda.


Understanding Acid Mantle

The acid mantle is a thin layer on the surface of the skin, made from sebum and amino acids from sweat. The job of this layer is to retain the natural moisture of the skin and protect the skin from the external environment. When the pH of the skin increases, it weakens this protective layer of the skin and eventually your skin becomes dry, flaky, and dehydrated.


How to Protect and Restore the Skin’s acid mantle (and maintain the skin pH)?

One of the simplest ways to protect and restore skin pH is to switch to gentle moisturizing bars and foaming body washes that are having skin friendly pH 5.5, good enough to take care of the acid mantle and maintain the pH balance of the skin.


Bryan and Candy luxury foaming body wash contain PENTAVITIN which is an organic active that helps in maintaining the moisture for 48 hours. Its Provitamin B5 & pH 5.5 formula nourishes your skin and doesn’t strip away the natural moisture of the skin.


Here is what makes Bryan & Candy Luxury foaming body wash unique and worthy:


  1. The Provitamin B5 & pH 5.5 formula of Bryan & Candy's Luxury Foaming Body wash nourishes your skin and your skin remains hydrated for long hours.
  2. This body wash has a unique foaming formula that gives rich and soft foam which can be directly applied to your body without needing to rub it with a loofah.
  3. This luxury foaming body wash helps in maintaining the pH balance, which helps the skin to stay hydrated and moisturized even after a shower.
  4. Loaded with nourishing natural ingredients such as Shea butter and other natural plant extracts, this body wash is completely free from harmful chemicals such as Sulphates and Parabens, which destroy the acid mantle of the skin.
  5. A little amount of Bryan & Candy Luxury foaming body wash cleans the skin deeply and gently removes toxins, dirt, and impurities from the skin without stripping away the moisture.


Closing Words


Bryan & Candy Luxury foaming body wash and moisturizing bathing bars are gentle to the skin. They give you clean, smooth, soft, supple, and moisturized skin without hurting the acid mantle and pH of the skin. The naturally formulated luxury products by Bryan and Candy help in maintaining the pH of 5.5 so that your skin stays hydrated even after the shower.


Love your skin – Your skin will love you back


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