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How Does Monsoon Affect Your Skin

To the scorching summer heat, the rainy season comes as a relief. With spreading freshness and greenery around, it also is famously known for being a great carrier of diseases, pathogens and impurities. Your skin being the first thing exposed to the acidic rain waters, it is most likely to be affected by the good and bad that monsoon brings.

Knowing the two sides of the same coin, we must learn what are the possible things that may happen and prepare our skin for it in the best way we can. Here is a list of common skin problems observed during monsoon and the potential solutions that can help to deal with them.

1. Itching, blemishes and infection

When a thunderstorm occurs, the winds carry moisture in the air. This moisture along with freshness is also exposed to several other pathogens before it reaches the surface of the skin. With such air quality and acidic water, our body skin becomes extremely prone to pathogen attack. Therefore experts always advise people to practice hygiene at such times.


A healthy bath in steam water is highly essential to give your body the soothing it deserves from the chilled surroundings. Avoid usage of soap rather use a gel body wash for better cleansing, nourishment and absorption. Soaps are harsh on the skin and they may lead to excess dryness worsening the chances of itching, blemishes and infection.

A revitalizing shower gel on the other hand is mild and infused with rejuvenating ingredients that do their job just perfectly. This is the reason why more and more people today buy body wash & shower gel from their favorite brand online.

Bryan & Candy Orange & Mandarin Bath & Shower Gel will not only clean, soften your skin but will also uplift your mood. The lingering perfume will stay with you the whole day.

2. Dullness and tanning

Dirt and pollution has made every season look unhealthy to us and monsoonal hazards can add to it. These are the leading origin for skin dullness and tanning. If not tanning you must have definitely seen uneven patches of skin pigmentations. If not dealt with at the earliest, they can be the origin of skin damage.


Exfoliation is the optimum way to clear out dullness, tanning and all the side effects that they have caused to your skin cells. Know your skin type first and then evaluate the right exfoliating scrub available in the market that suits your skin type.

For best and healthy results, always prefer sugar exfoliating body scrub made up of organic ingredients and has no harmful chemicals. These wear away the dead skin, stimulate blood circulation and assist in skin cell turnover – sums up to just one thing – a clear, glowing body skin.

3. Dehydrated skin with uneven skin tone

The more the moisture in the air, the more dehydrated your skin can feel. For example, have you ever drenched in the rain for long? It must be a definite yes! You must have seen how your fingers get wrinkles.

Likewise, when your skin becomes dehydrated, losing its elasticity and gradually turning dull, your facial skin and body develops such wrinkles and fine lines. This can be due to multiple ill effects of monsoons.


Moisturization is the ultimate solution. Use rose water as a toner to keep the skin tightened and breathable once or twice daily. Post this step, use a body lotion for intense skin moisturization. Even if you have oily skin, use a lightweight moisturizer but never forget this step during the rainfall season. If you are unaware of which one to buy best body lotions online that offer lightweight, non-greasy texture for your oily skin type.

Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea Hand & Body Lotion with added goodness of cocoa, it makes a perfect feast for healthy skin. Shea butter gives silky soft skin.

For dry to very dry skin, using body butters is a feasible choice. Body butters are thick, greasy and show awesome results on dry, flaky, pathy and irritated skin. You can make the skin areas around your elbows and heels extremely happy with this product. Since they are not at all a popular product to be found in the general market, you should buy body butters online from a well known brand only.

Bryan & Candy Strawberry Body Butter will give your skin a dose of ultra-rich hydration. 24hrs moisturising properties make your skin stay softer for longer.

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