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How Can We Take Care of Our Skin in Monsoon

Monsoon season might be relieving from the scorching heat but it has challenges of its own. As the rainy days take over slowly, steadily to keep summers behind, it brings immense humidity along. This change in the air quality and the environment around affects your skin the most, mainly the face. To beat the troubles that it carries for face skin, the article will provide you with what you must do exactly to keep them at bay.

Here is what you must do:

· Exfoliate the dirt off

With monsoon round the corner, make your skin ready for it with just the right products on the table. Exfoliation is amongst the many must-haves to consider considering your skin can catch dirt particles easily during the humid environment. A body scrub or a face scrub is a perfect choice for exfoliation; removing the badly affected dead skin cells out and unclogging the trapped pores.

Activated charcoal face scrub is the best exfoliating face scrub you can find at a reasonable price online. It is just the exfoliator you need for the rainy season and it really helps to make room for a good amount of blood circulation till the upper layer of your face skin and eventually help in the growth of new cells. You can also find good sugar body scrub in the nearest shopping mart for body exfoliation.

What I would recommend:

I absolutely prefer Bryan & Candy’s Activated Charcoal Face Scrub which is boosted with provitamin B5, vitamin E and allantoin and promises no sulfur or parabens.

· Cleansing is Most Important

Wherever you go, make sure you cleanse your body and face from time to time. Usually the rainy environment makes the skin lose excess oil whereas the air carries germs and dirt as well. There is also tanning that needs to be said goodbye to in the season. So the body needs to be cleaned off from these harming agents. A face wash & body wash is just enough to do this job.

Ensure you cleanse with a rich face wash containing properties that helps to beat the above problems. It should also have good brightening properties as it detans and fixes the sun damage. You can buy face wash products online from brands that assure toxin free products.

What I would recommend:

My go to face wash for monsoon is the Garnier Light Complete Face wash for Women. For Men the best one is Bryan & Candy’s Intense Brightening Face Wash for Men. For body wash I love fruit based products that have citric orange and mandarin goodness and longtime refreshment.

· Never Leave Moisturization Behind

Whatever the skincare routine you follow, never forget to moisturize. Moisturization improves the dehydrated, dull skin and prevents fine lines, wrinkles and so many other issues. Noticeably, moisturization is the need of every skin type, even if it is oily skin. And ofcourse during monsoon, a moisturizer will slow down oil production caused by the humidity.

A light moisturiser is always an optimal choice for locking up water content in the skin and preventing excess oil production. While you must be aware of the best face moisturizer suitable for your skin type, a body lotion is perfect for your body skin. You can buy naturally formulated hand and body lotion products online to prevent damage from the chemical based products.

What would I recommend:

I love using a pinch of aloe vera gel and olive oil mixture as my face moisturizer. For body moisturization I find great results from Bryan & Candy’s Cocoa and Shea Hand & Body Lotion; made up of just the right ingredients.

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