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Complete Skincare Guide For The Monsoon

Everyone welcomes the monsoon as a soothing creation but before its arrival we make great preparations to survive through what the season brings. Alike that we must also make preparations for our skincare and follow it across the entire seasonal showers. While umbrellas, raincoats and many other things protect us from the heavy rains, there are a few do’s and don’ts we can accompany us in our journey of fit & fine skin.

Skincare Do’s During Monsoon

 Shield your skin against SPF everyday

Keeping your skin SPF protected is a must when it showers. And not just it, apply it regularly everyday to prevent exposure to harmful UVs despite the uneven weather you observe. This will ensure minimal damage to your skin from direct sunlight. Other tips mentioned can prevent the leftover damages if any.

 Keep impurities and dirt away

Rainfall water and winds are highly blended with pollutants and grits now-a-days. Therefore, whenever you get wet under the rain, make sure to cleanse, wash or if your skin is exposed to a higher level, then do exfoliate. Infact, it would be suggested that you scrub once a week at the max. Face scrubs are famous, but do not ignore your body skin as well. Go for body scrubs too for complete care.

Pro-tip: Find yourself the best body scrub products online that are sugar scrubs and not salt scrubs to prevent excess dryness post exfoliation.

Buy Bryan & Candy Green Tea Sugar Body Scrub which is an exfoliator suitable for all skin types with the benefits of Green tea extract to keep your skin healthier and fitter.

 Follow strict hygiene

Whether it drizzles or it falls heavily, hygiene should be the number one priority. Since the rainy air carries so many pathogens, following strict hygiene can be a great prevention step. Remember that prevention is preferred than cure, it is affordable than cure – COVID-19 is a great example. Add some extra nourishment to your bathing experience as well. Check out and buy bath & shower products online that match these expectations rather than having a harsh soap bath.

Buy Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea Bath and Shower Gel  to get moisturize your skin with the goodness of shea butter and get all the skin benefits of cocoa to soften your skin and boost your mood.

 Use hot or warm water for drinking and applications

It is vital to boil water for bathing, for drinking and even for any skin applications. Like we learned earlier that the rainy air is prone to diseases, drinking hot or warm water and using it for bath, head-bath, hand wash and applications will help. So avail hygiene, warmth and protection altogether get multiple benefits.

Skincare Don’ts for the Monsoon

 Don’t forget to wear a rain-proof jacket

As a precautionary measure towards the skin, prefer wearing a rain-proof jacket than using an umbrella. This will keep it least exposed to the acidic water and other hazardous things that it carries.

● Don’t eat or apply refrigerated products

Prevent applications of refrigerated products as much as possible during the rain. It can lead to dried and dull skin. Also, make sure you don’t eat chilled products; they may affect the dermal health internally.

 Don’t keep your skin exposed to rain-water for long

If at all your body skin or part of it is exposed to rain-water it may cause dullness, pigmentation and itchiness. Use products like body polish and moisturizers to maintain the skin’s natural lustre. You can buy body polishing products online to brighten the already dull skin and give it a protective layer from any other harm.

Give your skin a zesty touch with Bryan & Candy Orange and Mandarin Body Polish. Exfoliate with orange scents to get a long-lasting glow.

 Don’t forget the 3 main steps

The biggest lesson that 2020 taught us is always wash, sanitize and apply. Hence, whatsoever product application you make for the dermal care, make sure you wash it first, then sanitize it and lastly apply. Because, in the end this is the real care needed.

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