Why Sugar Body Scrubs are Better than Salt Scrubs

Why Sugar Body Scrubs are Better than Salt Scrubs

The question whether to use salt scrub or sugar scrub must have popped up in your mind at least once. All of us want a clean, clear and soft skin; so scrubbing becomes important. But, how do we decide which one will work for us? Umm, maybe the answer lies in understanding the importance of each, for your skin. Before we move on to that, let’s first understand why we require it.

Why Do We Use Scrub?

Exfoliation is essential especially for our skin, since it has to face so much through the day – the dry weather, the hot sun, the dirt, the oil and so much. Exfoliation clears out all the unnecessary substance on your skin layer and makes way for skin cells to breathe and stay healthy. This is why scrubs are used.

· Salt Scrub

Salt scrub is made up of large, gritter particles that are often abrasive on the skin. Since the abrasiveness of salt scrub is high, it tends to work effectively to remove the dead skin cells. This is why experts suggest using it on the body skin rather than facial skin. However, it might often leave your skin dry and hence it is well suited for oily skin type. Also, salt scrubs can help you deal with the dead skin cells seen more often in certain body parts, like feet cracks, rough hands, elbow dryness and legs.

· Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is made up of tiny particles that are mild on your skin. The smaller particles gently rub away dirt and dead skin cells from the layer of your skin without causing any harsh action. So it can also be used as a facial scrub without any doubt. The gentleness allows it to be the best body exfoliating scrub for sensitive and dry skin types. They work well in the sensitive parts of your body too. Infact, you can also plan a gentle scrub for your oily skin with sugar scrubs.

Why Use Salt Scrubs?

You must be aware that people often add salts to their bathing water. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Salts reduce inflammation of sore muscles – They can be used in body spa to decrease soreness
  • They are well known as detoxifiers – Using them can help you pull out toxins from your body
  • They offer a deep-cleansing aromatherapy – Using salts with an oil-based moisturizer or cleanser (rich in essential oils or herbs) is known to soothe the body through cleansing

This is why often salt scrubs are preferred right before bath to enhance the effectiveness of results for our body skin. Although, it is advisable to use salt scrubs just once a week to prevent excess dryness.

Why Use Sugar Scrubs?

Did you know raw sugar can be directly used on your chapped lips to make it soft again? Yes, it actually works on that sensitive skin too well. Sugar is often used directly as a natural scrub that pulls off the dead skin and makes room for new, healthy skin cells to breathe. It is loaded with benefits for your skin, no matter what type it may be. Here are some to look at:

  • It is milder yet efficacious – Using sugar with cleanser or moisturizer takes out dirt and makes skin smoother than before
  • It hydrates your skin naturally – Being a natural humectant, it feeds the skin with moisture just like a body lotion does
  • It offers deep conditioning – Sugar based skin products helps in locking moisture into your skin cells longer to replenish it from within giving it a natural glow

Those of you who are worried about the harshness that scrubs can cause to your skin, don’t worry when it is sugar scrubs. It is quite easy to buy the best sugar body scrubs products online that are harm-free and natural. Also, if you see redness of skin after using salt scrubs, you can go with this one. Try orange and mandarin sugar scrub by Bryan and Candy, a perfect blend of nutritious fruit extracts, sugar and essential oils to give your skin a complete care.

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