Skincare Routines to Follow While Working From Home

skincare routines to follow while working from home

Skincare Routine To Follow While Working From Home

While the world is battling with a contagious virus, staying at home and working from the comfort of your couch has become a new normal. You no longer need to go out in the scorching sun or withering cold, with dust particles and pollution surrounding you. This can often make people abandon their skincare regime because they’re not worried about the atmosphere wreaking havoc on their skin. 

However, staying at home won’t rid you of dead skin cells and oily skin. Therefore, having a solid skincare routine is a must to ensure that your skin stays healthy and glowing at all times

We have compiled a list of simple skincare routines that you can implement while working from home to keep that skin glowing while you’re rocking those Zoom meetings.

  1. Determining a Set List of Skincare Essentials

Keeping things simple and straightforward is the key to maintaining good skin hygiene during the lockdown. Don’t complicate the process by keeping a variety of beauty products that are not suitable together and cause more harm than good to your skin. 

Now that we have an ample amount of time at home, it is the perfect opportunity to open the cabinets and clear out the unnecessary products from the mix. A combination of a good cleanser, skin exfoliator, skin cream, moisturizer, and eye cream is all you need to keep your skin in a top-notch condition.

  1. Using Face Cleansers Regularly

Simple and convenient to use, face cleansing is the easiest part of any skincare routine. These cleansers help in clearing away the oils and impurities from your face. Ideally, they are used at night before bedtime to smoothen your skin, which can help them in settling down the pores, and offer great results.

  1. Exfoliating Your Skin

Any skincare routine, whether simple or elaborate, has skin exfoliation as a key factor in it. Whenever you start to feel “dry-itchy” on your skin, it is time for skin exfoliation. This routine helps in primarily ridding your skin of dry or dead skin cells. All the more, it opens up your pores and allows moisturizers to enter your skin and offer optimum effects. 

A weekly exfoliation of the skin is recommended. Whether you’re going for typical options of skin exfoliators such as facemasks or more interesting options such as sugar body scrubs, skin exfoliation should not be missed out on for maintaining hygiene of your skin.

  1. Applying Face Masks

Face masks have become a popular skincare routine nowadays. This popularity can be owed to the long-lasting effects, along with the comfortable hog-like feeling they offer. Combating acne, hydrating your skin, opening up the pores, clearing the dead skin, and much more are just a few of the added advantages that face masks offer.

  1. Have Quick Workout Sessions

People often ignore exercising as something that can significantly help their skin in being healthy. Exercising can open up your pores more efficiently than other methods, as your body needs to sweat. Moreover, it also keeps the blood circulation under check and keeps skin breakdowns at bay. 

Having a quick workout session can help you in opening up your pores, which can be complemented with a lukewarm bath for elevated skincare effects.

  1. Drink Ample Amount of Water

One of the primary purposes of many skincare products is to keep your skin hydrated. However, the skin is only as hydrated as the body is. Hence, it is important that you drink enough water throughout the day. Specialists suggest that we should consume around three liters of water every day. Keep a water bottle with you when you begin working. Take a sip every 20-30 minutes. Refill it once it’s over, which will also be an excuse to get up and take a small stroll.

Working from Home, Also for Your Skin!

Now that you know the nooks and crannies of various elements that you can introduce to your skincare routine, all you need to do is implement and see the results for yourself, literally! Pick up a garbage bag and clean up your wardrobes to get rid of those unnecessary clips and empty lipsticks and old deodorant bottles and harmful skincare products. 

Your body isn’t just your temple of worship, it’s also the clubhouse with the best parties waiting should you take good care of it, and it all starts with skin!

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