Skincare Resolutions You Should Make in 2021

Skincare Resolutions You Should Make in 2021

2020 was a year of teachings – we learned so much about self care across the year. The lockdown gave us plenty of time to analyse the good and bad for us and our loved ones. More importantly we learned what we must change about our daily care, especially for our skin. That’s what really helped us decide our skincare resolution for 2021. Here are some of the necessary ones:

1. Reconsider Bathing Essentials

Daily cleansing starts from bathing essentials. If you have decided to make a resolution for giving your skin the extra care, say no to chemical based soap that is often harsh on your skin.

Consider a fragrant bath and shower gel that has the richness of essential oils and its foam lather up to give deep cleansing and moisturising effect. From so many options available today, you can buy green tea shower gel online that contains antioxidants for better cleansing.

2. Wash your Face Right After You Step In

Your face skin isn’t tough enough to handle pollution, dust and impurities it is exposed to when you step out daily. Make a habit of washing your face every time you step in. Just wash it with water or face wash to keep dirt and germs out.

3. Wear an SPF when you Step out during the Day

UV protection must be a skin priority. Make a resolution to keep dullness, damage and tanning far away from your skin. It is possible by wearing an SPF everytime you step out. No matter a foggy winter day or a sunny summer, sunscreen lotion or SPF based products protect your skin from any UV damage. When you buy body care products online, don’t forget to check if they are SPF protective.

4. Wipe your Cell Phones Regularly

Hand hygiene was a take away from 2020. By knowing its importance, we also decided your hands mustn’t touch your face unless washed. But, we forgot about cell phones that have germs on its surface and are often touched to our face. Wipe it regularly and avoid skin challenges.

5. Commit to Moisturizing More Often

Your skin glows and looks softer when it is hydrated. Now that you wash your hands more often, it turns dry and calls for moisturization. Nonetheless, applying body lotion daily followed by bath is a better practice to commit to skin moisturization. Do not miss out the dry skin around your  hands, elbow, heels, and lips.

6. Prioritize Exfoliating

Note down exfoliation as a priority because wearing off dead skin allows cell turnover making room for newer skin cells to grow. People with sensitive skin or dry skin tend to ignore exfoliating, thinking it might go harsh and cause dryness. That isn’t true, the best body exfoliating scrub are sugar scrubs. They are designed exclusively to work for sensitive skin or mainly all skin types. Exfoliate at least one a week and see the difference yourself!

7. Wash Your Pillowcases Every Week

Your skin is often rubbed against the pillowcases you rest upon. To maintain skin hygiene, keep everything clean that often comes in contact with your skin. Don’t forget to wash your pillowcases at least once a week like you wash your daily clothes.

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