Skin Care

Skin Care

​Beauty isn’t just in the face,
It is more, it goes skin-deep, it is how you feel about yourself and the happiness that shines through you.
And hear me when I say this,

You’re beautiful!
You always have been, and always will be.

Just sometimes it’s sidelined because of negative emotions or an unhappy event. But you have the power to bring it back and shine through. It’s through self-care.

Self care with body lotion

Self-care is about your relationship with yourself. Skincare too is a part of self-care and often limited to face. Well, it goes beyond and spreads throughout your body, so why neglect the rest of you?

Bryan and Candy’s Spa at home brings to you a relaxation practice that can be done every day.
​“I regret a relaxation routine of 30 minutes for healthy skin” – said no one ever.

A revitalizing shower is where the most important life decisions are made. Seeking rejuvenation at nature’s foot? With Bryan and Candy’s exhilarating shower gel fragrances, you can open your gateway to travel through time and space.

Bath room

The secret to triumph each day lies in the ingredients of your shower gel. Bryan and Candy shower gel tends to soothe your skin and make it firm. This happens because of aloe vera and essential oils in the shower gel. The feeling of revival comes with limonene, an extraordinary cleansing agent. The pungent fragrances will stay as long as your day lasts.

Similar to a body scrub, a body polish is used to exfoliate your skin of any harmful debris. However, unlike a scrub, body polish can be used every day. And while most traditional scrubs use plastic beads, Bryan and Candy, New York’s Body Polish consists of natural beads made of microcrystalline cellulose. These beads remove your dead skin without harming the marine ecosystems.

The polish also moisturizes and nourishes your skin with the help of castor oil and aloe vera. Another important ingredient of the polish is calendula aka pot marigold, it is known for its skin healing properties like redness, acne or sunburn. Get set to make way for radiant, vibrant skin with gentle exfoliation.

The beauty of skin is that it can affect you from both inside and out. Internal health depends on the food you eat and the lifestyle you lead. For a flawless outer glow, Bryan, and Candy, New York’s Body Butter is an ideal choice.

Body Butter

Rich in vitamin E, sunflower seeds and olive fruit oil present in the body butter, protect your skin from wrinkles and help to keep it glowing. On the other hand, beeswax carries antibacterial properties as well as lock in the skin moisture by forming a protective layer on your skin. Lastly, a refatting agent for ages, shea butter is the key to skin nourishment.
To end with, you need to remember that,
Self-care isn’t selfish, It’s self-esteem.

To boost your self-esteem with Bryan and Candy, New York. We offer a range that allows you to wrap yourself in the lavish lavender, swaddle in Japanese matcha green tea, sheathe in cocoa shea or just surrender to the fruity flavors of strawberry, mango, orange or black currant!

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