Bryan & Candy

Impresso Shower Gel

Rs. 262.00 Rs. 375.00  ( 30% off Incl. of Taxes)
  • CLEAN MOISTURIZED SKIN: -Fruit AHA’s are a concentrated blend of five extracts: Bilberry, Sugar cane, Sugar maple, Orange & Lemon having De-tanning properties. They are natural exfoliating agents and help clear dead skin cell and support new cell turnover.
  • ENERGIZES YOUR SENSES: It has a superb lingering masculine fragrance which will leave you with a refreshed bathing experience. It cleanses all the impurities & dirt from your body that are caused by pollution and other contaminants. Fruit AHA’s exfoliate the dead skin cells and helps to smooth the skin and prevent dryness.
  • ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS: Infused with natural skin conditioning ingredients like Alpha Arbutin which promotes even skin tone & good texture of the skin.
  • LICORICE EXTRACTS inhibits the melanin synthesis and is highly effective skin brightener with antiaging benefits.
  • CRUELTY FREE- We love animals and so we Do Not Test our products on Animals.

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