Packing Your Bags Without Body Mist? They Are Essential Too!

Packing Your Bags Without Body Mist? They Are Essential Too!

Workspace, school or a holiday plan your bag must be full of daily essentials that your body longs. So if you are counting, there must be a moisturizer, a cream to protect from sun tan, a lip guard, comb, tissue wipes and what else? Missing something? Body Mist! You cannot plan any outing without having a body mist in your bag. In fact, they aren’t just an outing necessity; they must be a part of your daily care too. Even if you are home.

Mists keep your body fragrant all day long. They enhance the natural body fragrance and make it smell like Christmas. So be it a date or work day or even workout weekends, don’t ever forget to spray some to make your day aromatic.

Now that there are so many body mists available out there to choose from, knowing what fits best for your planned occasion becomes tough. Let me ease it up for you a little.

Date Delight

· Date Delight

What’s better than an attractively fragrant body mist on a date evening?! You can just spray it up on your body just after a shower and let the fragrance enhance around you. You can opt for a no gas scent that’s free from paraben and harmful ingredients. To meet the best of date delight a musk aroma is perfect for women. If you are reading this to gift your woman the perfect body mist pack on a date, check out the latest fragrance body mist combo online. Bryan & Candy brings you body fragrance mist of Nottie Berries and Wild Salsa that blends into your skin to give you a long lasting freshness.

· Beach Mornings

Isn’t it delightful to get that perfect aromatherapy under the bright sun, fresh beachy breeze and soft sand under your feet? Just like that, body mist designed with a similar combination of flavours that remind you of beach mornings can just add colors to your monday blues. Go for the one scented with sun kissed sand, wild orchids and bring garden-fresh flavours in your mist.

· Floral Love

Women are super fond of flowers. This is why the different and amazing floral scents are considered as the best body mist sprays for women. There are so many flowers to choose from to define an awesome auro for your day. But, if you get a punch of several flowers into one, that’d be like a bouquet on your desk daily! Wow! Try Bryan & Candy’s Floral Splash Body Fragrance Mist perfumed with the goodness of peony, hibiscus, lily, magnolia and frangipani.

· Long Drive Buddy

Perfumes often tend to fade up under a strong wind, hot sun and winter winds. So choosing a long drive body mist buddy must be well thought of. Check out travel friendly and convenient fragrance mist that is irresistible even during a long drive. Check out Bryan & Candy NewYork Body Fragrance Mist Spray TRIO Combo that is travel-friendly, eco-friendly and extremely convenient to carry on your random getaways.

· Sunday Brunch

A light, sweet scent is what anyone can ask for, on a Sunday brunch. Using fruit flavoured perfume is content for such events and will make up your weekend lovely. You can buy body mists and sprays products online that are non-toxic, paraben free and have the goodness of natural ingredients. The Nottie Berries body fragrance mist by Bryan & Candy is the finest fruit based perfume that can lighten up your mood throughout the day.

Pro-tip: Experts suggest splashing body fragrance mist on direct skin or clothes from at least 5 inches away. Shake the bottle well before every spray.

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