Must Have Skincare Kit During Your Travels

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Must Have Skincare Kit During Your Travels 

Whether for work or holidays, it’s always nice to pack our bags and go somewhere. Airports and railways are packed with travelers 24/7, as more and more people tend to travel with every passing day. While traveling seems like a lot of fun, taking care of your skin at the same time can be difficult if you do not have the right products to use. Moreover, all products are not travel-friendly and you obviously cannot fill your entire luggage with only skincare products. That is why we have put together a list of different combos that you can pack to ensure that your skin stays happy wherever you are going. So let us take a look at them right away.

  • A Bathing Kit

Most hotels these days only provide their clients with a simple soap bar that only creates a lot of lather. Now, we all know that our skin needs more than just a soap. It is best advised that you carry a travel-friendly tub kit with you that consists of everything that your body needs. Bryan & Candy has thus provided their buyers with a wonderful tub kit that offers a mesmerizing home spa treatment. This kit contains Body Polish, Sugar Scrub, Body & Hand Lotion, and Shower Gel. However, the best news is that the kit comes in five different flavors, Green Tea, Cocoa & Shea, Mango Frutti, Orange & Mandarin, and Strawberry.  

Bryan & Candy also offers specific shower kits like the New York Black Currant & Vanilla Ultimate Indulgence Morning Mantra Gift Set – For Her that includes Hair Conditioner, Shampoo, Body Lotion, and Shower Gel.

  • Sugar Scrubs and Polish Kit

A sugar scrub will not only help you to remove your makeup, but also remove all the dust particles that got stuck on your face while you were outside. Sugar scrubs are best for sensitive skin as they gently exfoliate your skin and remove all the dead cells. Bryan & Candy’s Sugar Scrubs have fruit extracts and essential oils that keep the skin viscous, healthy, and help bring back its natural glow. The Body Polish offers a soothing exfoliation that suits every skin type. The products are free of sulfates, paraben, and SLS, which further ensures that you have a rejuvenating experience every time you take a shower.   

  • Body Butter and Hand Cream

The skin on our hands and body is slightly different from each other. The epidermis on our body is thicker than that of the palms that is why palms require more nourishing. Hence, always carry Bryan & Candy’s Green Tea – Body Butter & Cocoa Shea – Hand & Body Lotion with yourself wherever you are traveling. They will take care of your skin and keep it hydrated for long hours. It is always advised to buy products that are paraben and sulfate-free, as they are harmful to your skin. Keeping the skin hydrated would not only soften it, but it will also prevent various effects of aging.

Therefore, having a regular skincare routine with the right product is important to keep it soft, supple, and bright like a newborn baby’s. However, experts say that there are multiple skincare myths that are floating around and dragging the beautiful regimen down. There’s always someone who will tell you that you are doing something wrong or you need to do something differently. So today, we will bust some of these myths which are stopping you from getting that perfect skin.

  • It Is Okay To Skip The Sunscreen

If you thought that you only need SOF when you are at the beach, or the sun is too bright outside, well, you are wrong. The UV rays of the sun are always present even if the skies have tons of clouds in them. They can cause dark spots and wrinkles to show up on your skin. A broad-spectrum SPF would not only protect you from UVB but also UVA rays. Your daily mantra should include applying a good coat of sunscreen as soon as you get out of the shower.

  • Over-exfoliating Is Not A Thing

Exfoliation is required to keep away the dead skin cells that are responsible for making your skin look dull. However, if you thought using scrubs every day would make your skin look better, then remember over-exfoliation is a thing. If your skin is too dry, you might want to exfoliate only once or twice every week. Oily skins can sometimes need daily exfoliation. Make sure that you do not overdo it and cause any skin irritation.

  • Oily Skin Requires No Moisturizer

In case you believe that the natural oils of your skin will moisturize it post cleansing your face, then you need to stop believing it right now. External factors like excessive cleansing, UV rays, and pollution can damage the moisture barrier of your oily skin. This will cause loss of moisture as well as an increase in the production of oils. Now, if you do not replace the moisture that was lost, you will end up looking shinier. Therefore, use a matte, oil-free, and lightweight water-based moisturizer.

Now that you know everything about your skincare routine, you are fully armed to tackle any weather conditions throughout the year and anywhere in the world. Check out Bryan & Candy’s Cocoa & Shea – Body Polish and Body Butter, Bryan & Candy’s Green Tea – Sugar Body Scrub and Shower Gel, and various other exciting products and combos to add to your travel must-have skincare skits.

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