Monsoon Skin Care Tips

Monsoon Skin Care Tips

Monsoons are here and you definitely want to curl up in your blanket with a cup of hot chocolate watching a Katherine Heigl rom-com. But while most of us dream about it, our realities include hours in traffic, mud-splattered shoes and drenched clothes.

Monsoons remind of a breath-taking fragrance in the atmosphere and everything seems greener and new! However, amidst this romantic season, our skin often feels as dry as a desert, it’s also where you will find loads of oil! This isn’t because the thunder Gods want to punish you, it’s simply because of the P word!
Yes, Pollution.

As the weather keeps shuffling between the extreme summer heat to gushy winds to heavy downpours, it definitely leaves your skin bamboozled.
What it results to?

Dry and Oily Skin – also known as Combination Skin.
While monsoon feels cozy, it’s not-so-cozy for your skin. The damp, moist weather leads microbes and fungi on your skin which can lead to acne. You’ll notice your skin tends to be oilier than general.

Aloe vera

One way to deal with dry skin is to drink lots of water and moisturize daily. By using products with ingredients like Basil, Aloe Vera or Green Tea, you can moisturize your skin better. Moisturize your skin with a Body Lotion twice a day and scrub once a week to get rid of debris in your skin.

It’s not that difficult to find an oasis for this desert, Bryan and Candy, New York’s Basil and Lime Hand and Body Lotion, as well as soap, is great nourishment for your skin. And to kickstart your week with a zesty vibe, Orange Sugar scrub is a perf add on to your weekly scrub sesh.

Monsoons in India aren’t all dreamy and hazy. The constant fluctuations between sun and rain often leave you with an unwanted odor throughout your day. Your body odor is based on the food you eat. While it is often advised to include a good portion of fruits in your diet, it is also advised to include fruits in your skincare routine.

Strawberry Orange - Black Current

And if you’re a sucker for fruity fragranceances, Bryan and Candy, New York’s is your ami favori. It offers a variety of Shower Gel including Strawberry, Mango, and Orange. Apart from exotic fruity, it has some irresistible flavors like Lavender & Vanilla Cream, Cocoa Shea, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and finally Black Currant & Vanilla. That’s a plethora of fragrances to choose from!

Well, now you’re can relish monsoons with a monsoon-ready skin.

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