Make Your Skin Winter Ready

Make Your Skin Winter Ready

You might enjoy the cold breeze of winter but your skin wouldn’t. Winter air brings a lot of skin problems like dryness, flaking, itching, rashes and irritation. Pollution and UV rays tend to spoil it further. And you are left with a tanned, dry and dull skin.

Home DIY might work but are they solving all your winter skin problems? And, finding the right ways to keep your skin healthy in winter must be everyone’s concern, isn’t it? So how to fight these winter blues and nourish your skin back to softness and smoothness? Too many doubts?

Let’s focus on what your skin requires the most during winter and plan a complete, daily regime for your skin.

· Stay Hydrated

Chilled days keep you away from drinking water. A dehydrated body affects the skin faster and you see face patches, cracked heels, chapped lips and rashes all over. You can deal with these problems if you just sip ample amounts of water throughout the day. A glass of fruit juice or a cup of warm ginger tea would work wonders too to give your skin the refreshing glow.

· Cleanse Deeply

Winter bathing is tough because you know your skin will dry out even after a good bath. And, using harsh chemical based body cleansers for bathing worsens the skin condition. Just keep the high-fragrance and alcohol based products aside. Your bath essentials for winter must provide deep cleansing, nourishment and the perfect oil balance for your skin type. You must buy bath and body care essentials products online that help you revitalize your body with essential oils and aloe vera extracts – a perfect blend to soothe a dry winter skin. Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Combo Kit comes with the goodness of cocoa & shea butter to clean, hydrate and refresh your skin to make it silky and supple to touch.

· Moisturize Regularly

Just like the summer heat, you can’t beat the winter air or can you? Your skin can – by staying moisturized all day. You don’t have to apply a moisturizer every couple of hours to keep your body soft and smooth. Do you? Then you need a moisturizer that locks in the essential body oils into your skin for longer. Just twice a day and total nourishment all day. If you want to buy hand & body lotion products online, go for the oil based. Water based moisturizers can dry up your skin too often. Avoid using those.

Hands, feet, elbows and cheeks are the most exposed body parts that dry away sooner. Unlikely, many of us are adamant on not using moisturizer or body lotion on the facial skin. So what do we do? Body butter is the rich, creamy solution here. It enhances and makes the skin healthy and full of life in those dull winter days. And, to buy body butters online is not that difficult today. You can go from bold cocoa & shea butter to rich green tea and even rejuvenating fruit butters for intense hydration.

· Exfoliate the Dead Skin

Your winter skin full of dry and flaky patches is the reason for that itchiness. Dry skin is nothing but dead skin that obstructs oils from getting through onto the deep skin. In fact these are filled up into the pores and result further into acne and a lot other skin issues. So winter or not, exfoliating your skin is important.

Skin exfoliating scrubs helps in removal of dead skin and enhances regeneration of new skin cells. For those of you who suffer tan during winters, exfoliating twice a week really helps to make your skin healthier, glowing and soft to touch. Body polish scrub also helps to exfoliate and revitalizes skin exposed to daily pollution in winters.

For a complete winter care regime, check out Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Combo Kit that helps you cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate your skin and make it winter ready.

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