How To Take Care Of Different Skin Types

How To Take Care Of Different Skin Types

Some like it hot, some like cold, some like polite, some like bold. But what’s common amongst all is that everybody has a type. Be it a cup of coffee or the company they like to hang out with. However, one type that is out of our control is our skin type.


Oily skin

Oily skin can be because of genetic factors, hormones or even lifestyle. This happens when the oil glands in your skin produce excess sebum, a substance created for the skin to remain soft and hydrated. Once the excess oil is produced, it results in the expansion of skin’s pores thus resulting in acne breakouts, blackheads or whiteheads. Your skin will often feel greasy and your pores will be more visible, and when you wear makeup, it will wear off easily.

Bryan and Candy, New York’s Hand and Body Lotions contain honey which helps to clean pores, as it contains antioxidants that hydrate and tighten skin pores for a clear complexion.


Dry skin is mostly hereditary, here the sebum produced by oil glands is less. This affects the softness resulting in a flaky and tight skin that is prone to wrinkles at an early age. A lot of people think dry skin can be cured by drinking more water, but that’s a misconception. What helps is a good skin moisturizer. The oils in the moisturizer help to hydrate the skin making it healthy and soft.

Bryan and Candy, New York’s Body Butter range helps to nourish the skin with shea butter, a refatting agent, and beeswax, to lock the moisture in. Moreover, it has olive fruit oil to protect skin from wrinkles and sunflower seeds, which are rich in vitamin E.


Combination skin

If you have an oily forehead, nose or chin while your cheeks often seem dry and you can’t decide if your skin is oily or dry, it is a combination skin type. Dealing with combination skin needs you to have a personalized skincare regimen. You might need to exfoliate the oily parts more often than the rest of your skin and perhaps even use two different moisturizers for different parts of your skin. It’s advised to stick to products with more natural ingredients.

Bryan and candy, New York’s Sugar Body Scrub is a great exfoliator and a good solution along with the Body Butter for combination skin. While most scrubs use salt which is harsh for the skin, our sugar scrub uses oatmeal extracts for exfoliation and sucrose for skin moisturization.


Sensitive skin

You skin can be dry, oily, combination or normal and still be sensitive. If your skin reacts to new products or makeup easily causing irritation or redness, it is sensitive. It’s advised to not use chemical-based products and try finding a natural skincare routine. In general, it’s hard for people with sensitive skin-type to find the right exfoliator.

Bryan and Candy, New York’s Body Polish is a great exfoliator for sensitive skin because it’s softer as compared to other exfoliators but at the same time strong enough to scrub away the dead skin cells. Its natural beads are made of microcrystalline cellulose to help exfoliate gently. It also contains aloe vera to reduce skin irritation and calendula to heal redness.


Normal skin

An even skin tone with a few lines and wrinkles and no blemishes would fall in this category. Healthy skin usually has a natural glow to it, which can be achieved through a well-curated skincare routine and following it for a long time. You can check our blog on the skincare routine to know about it further.

Any type of skin will require constant care and a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a one-time thing but a lifelong process. However, sometimes even under proper care, the skin could develop issues, this is in the case of pregnancy or menopause. But you don’t have to stress, it can be cured with the help of a dermatologist. Lastly, it’s also about your mental health and how confident you feel in your own skin. No matter which skin type, if you carry it confidently, you will definitely skin through!

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