How to get glowing skin in 2 simple steps

How to get glowing skin

How to get glowing skin in 2 simple steps 

Clear, healthy, glowing skin – this seems like an unattainable dream in this fast-moving, stress-filled age. You don’t have the time to go through tens of Health & Skin blogs and follow dozens of routines to keep that natural glow of your skin alive and nurtured. The thing is, you don’t need to! Bryan & Candy is here to help you, and we like to keep it really simple. Stick with us till the end of the article to find out how, in only 2 simple steps, you can battle the dullness and come out shining.

Step 1: 

The major reason for your skin to lose its natural, healthy glow is the accumulation of dead skin cells over the newly formed ones. 

Our bodies are always growing and changing. Our skin being the organ that gets most of the exposure, needs to be rejuvenated and reformed frequently. As much as we don’t want to admit this, it is a fact that our normal daily routines, while enough to keep us healthy, are not enough to help us look our best.

So, what do we have to do to keep that radiance alive? While yoga & fitness are the best natural ways, it takes too much time. For most of us, time is not a luxury we can afford. 

The next best way for keeping up the luster is to exfoliate routinely. Using just a few additional ingredients with your normal body wash can do wonders for the texture of your skin. We at Bryan & Candy believe that getting a healthier, more lustrous skin should not be meant only for celebrities and a privileged few. 

With our body scrub, any individual can exfoliate their skin regularly, and restore the natural glow of their skin. This also comes with an added advantage – you can have a long, soothing shower with the feeling of a satisfying massage in the comfort of your own homes!

What to do:

  1. Twice a week during your shower, use lukewarm water to soften your skin. Then apply Bryan & Candy’s Body Scrub gently on your body.

Pro tip: apply the body scrub in a circular motion to get a soothing feeling of massage – this is sure to brighten up both your skin and your day!

  1. Rinse off.

And that’s it! Surprised at the ease of use? We know! 

Step 2: 

The second most common reason for dull skin is that your skin is not getting enough moisture. In other words, it is dehydrated. 

Our skin is just a thin layer of cells that goes through a huge amount of stress every minute of every day. To treat it from the outside, by exfoliation, is the simplest way to keep it healthy. The other, possibly more important way is to keep it healthy from the inside.

Drinking water at regular intervals to keep your body hydrated will ensure our skin cells are flush with regular blood flow. While this is enough for a person who does not have to worry about the other causes of dull skin, like aging, pollution, and proper diet, most of us usually need a little more support.

This is where products like moisturizers and body butter come in. While moisturizers are most commonly used, body butter is the underrated star of the skincare world. Body butter is basically a moisturizer with superpowers – they are more nutritive, wholesome, and long-lasting. Body butter consists usually of natural vegetable oils and butter, which help in capturing and retaining the moisture on your skin.

Body butter is generally used right after the shower. This is so that the moisture from your shower can be retained throughout the day.

What to do:

  1. Gently pat yourself down after a shower, but don’t dry yourself completely. Take a scoop of Bryan & Candy’s Body Butter and gently, in a circular motion, apply a coat of it all over your body.
  2. Take special care by applying a thicker coat over areas like elbows, knees, palms, and feet. These areas are more prone to dryness and dullness.
  3. Before any special days, you can always apply a coat of body butter the previous night, so that it has more time to get absorbed, and do what it is meant to – make you look like a star.
  4. Do not apply too much body butter at once. Remember, you can always reapply another coat, but you cannot remove a coat as easily.

There you go! In two, very simple steps, you have combated the two most important factors of having dull skin. What’s more, they aren’t even time-consuming! We at Bryan & Candy believe that self-care and a busy life can go hand-in-hand. You do not have to give up on one for the other. Incorporate these two steps in your daily routine, and with an additional 15 minutes of your time, you will have a healthy, natural, glowing skin worthy of the stars within your grasp.

Check out our Body Scrubs, Body butter, and much more here, and let us help you in looking at the best possible version of yourself!

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