How to clean skin like a pro – 4 simple steps

How to clean skin like a pro

Everyday Video Call Glow – Clean Up Skin In 4 Simple Steps 

Want to dive into this journey of skincare, followed by discovering the best for your skin type? Indeed, to achieve a clean and healthy skin is a never-ending quest and so is unleashing your hidden glow to the world. Be it your endless work con-calls or virtually meeting your family, your everyday shine will leave people in awe. Tag along as Bryan & Candy, New York busts the myths around skin texture and brings you the simplest ways for everyday radiance.

Let’s Start – Cleanse It Up


Keep a track on your sebaceous glands and remove the accumulated pollutants and sweat that naturally adds on. Cleansing your skin daily balances your excess oil production and gives the healthy kick start to your skincare routine.


Cleanse at least twice a day to unclog your pores and allow your beautiful skin to breathe. Use a cleanser which is based on your skin type for accurate results. Bryan and Candy, New York’s Bath & Shower Gels give your skin an all-day-long freshness by preventing any sort of outbreak.

Tip – Make sure you avoid any harsh cleansers or soap bars as this irritates the sebum production and makes your skin appear flaky. For extremely sensitive skin, even water does wonder. Massage in an upward and circular motion to keep your skin tissue tight.

Next Up – Exfoliate The Pores


Every single day, millions of dead cells pile up around the skin pores which lead to several derma issues such as acne and blackheads. Exfoliation clears out these stubborn cells and leaves your skin fresh and clean.


Exfoliate your skin one to three times a week, scrub off with lukewarm water to open up the pores. Unlike harsh salt scrubs, Bryan and Candy, New York’s Sugar Body Scrub is gentle on all skin types. The essential oils and fruit extract-based ingredients hydrate your skin and reverse the sun damage for a lovely youthful charm.

Tip – Instead of using sharp objects or washcloths use an exfoliator that doesn’t tear your delicate skin. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before exfoliation to achieve the deep clean effect. Morning is the best time to scrub off cells and attain your natural glow.

Flex It – Moisturize Smoothly


Moisturization adds up a protective shield against the pollutants plus it lets your skin enjoy the afterglow effects. You surely don’t want to miss out on the glossy hydration that keeps your skin soft and supple.


Rub the moisturizer in an upward motion and let it sink into your skin. Bryan & Candy, New York’s Hand and Body Lotion & Body Butter reaches the depth of your skin and replenishes the softness from within. The antioxidant formula protects the skin from harmful pollutants.

Tip – Choose a moisturizer with skin-repairing ingredients which prevents damage and moisture loss. Adjust your moisturizer according to each season as in winters, your skin calls for extra moisture. Also, the best time to moisturize your skin is before bedtime.

Glow In – Balance Out


Balancing your daily skincare regime with a healthy and nutritious diet flawlessly impacts on your overall skin condition. Your body is your canvas, treat your skin as your most beautiful art by rejuvenating it inside out. Combine in the natural essence of a balanced diet with Bryan and Candy, New York products to pamper a clear skin that always shines on.


Your diet intake is as crucial as the skincare products that you use. Excess oily or junk food is not only bad for your digestion, but it further causes blemish formation. Add more veggies and fibrous fruits in your diet to curb down the toxic levels.

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that heals off blemished skin and promotes radiance. It is also an immunity booster for your overall health. Fruits such as guava, blackcurrant, strawberries along with other citrus fruits are good sources of Vitamin C.

Replace your existing diet with broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and other leafy vegetables. In the long run, cutting down on sugar, excess dairy intake and unprocessed food allows your skin to be youthful and clear.

Include skin-strengthening ingredients which are full of omega 3 fatty acids such as walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds. Lower your caffeine levels and switch to green tea as it significantly reduces acne.

Tip – Seek a dermatologist or dietician to chalk out diet plans which are accurate for your skin type and condition. Stress also takes a humongous toll on the skin. While it is inevitable in this time and space, meditation substantially helps. Experts say that to combat stress, speak up about your issues, as it goes by “Be you, the world will adjust”

Smart up your skincare routine by embracing the goodness of Bryan & Candy, New York product range which is free of sulfates and parabens. Treat yourself with the love that your skin deserves and carry the confidence of being you.

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