Get Your Skin Ready for Valentine Day with These Bryan & Candy Essentials

Get Your Skin Ready for Valentine Day with These Bryan & Candy Essentials

Remember all the special planning we always do just before the arrival of valentine’s week! Flowers, gifts, dinner dates and long drives; everything has to be well arranged to make your loved one feel special all day. And, we are quite particular about the outfits to wear on our date night. So why leave the skin behind. Let’s make it ready for valentine’s day too!

Caring for the skin to look perfect this valentine can boost confidence, make you glow and keep it cheerful. Although, men’s skin texture & quality varies quite a lot from women. Considering this phenomena, Bryan & Candy has designed skincare products that are made exclusively as per men’s and women’s skin requirements.

For Women

Bring your favourite spa at home with Bryan & Candy New York Delicate Rose Bathtub Kit. Its Delicate Rose spa kit has a special range of body care products for women. This fragrant rich formula blended with rose extracts and nourishing vitamins will give you a silky soft skin. Here is what you get with this box of goodness:

· Delicate Rose Bath & Shower Gel

The bathing solution rejuvenates your body by gently kicking off impurities from its surface. The mild gel is known to provide concentrated hydration to skin without disturbing the body’s natural oils.

· Delicate Rose Sugar Body Scrub

Offers skin exfoliation and makes it supple soft with moisturizing properties of rose extracts. Blended with vitamin-rich benefits, the sugar body scrub lightens, brightens and gives it an even tone.

· Delicate Rose Body Butter

Slather the ultra-hydrating potion with the nourishing blend of fresh rose extracts, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter. Keeps your skin moisturized for more than 24 hours.

· Delicate Rose Face Wash

Bloom your mornings like roses with the cleansing and hydrating essence of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, rose oil, and rosewater inside the gentle face wash!

Tropical Fling and Naked Sunshine Body Fragrance Mist Spray

Check out thebody mist combo and get a long aroma whole day. Tropical Fling is a bottle full of romantic fragrances that is just what a woman needs. Naked Sunshine has a flower-rich fragrance of orchid, red rose and jasmine to make your date night aromatic.

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For Men

To make the valentine week memorable, Bryan & Candy brings the best grooming products for men; a custom range that men will love. Here are the top essentials:

· Superio Max Hydrating Face Mask

After spending a tough day at work, let’s spend the Valentine holiday with confidence and glow. Bryan & Candy’s Superio Max Hydrating Face Mask can be a perfect choice. It washes off dirt, impurities from your face and beard hair. Rich in vitamin K, vitamin E and natural moisturizers, this formula leaves your skin free from dark spots and gives it an even soft tone.

· Impresso Man Shower Gel

Treat your body with a fragrant-rich blend of shower essential gel enriched with fruit AHAs and skin conditioners. It clears off impurities, germs and extra oil from your skin and gives it soothing aromatherapy that makes your skin happy and ready for your date.

· Activated Charcoal Shampoo

Get silky and bouncy hair with activated organic bamboo charcoal shampoo by Bryan & Candy. It is a perfect solution to make you valentine-ready. It treats your hair with the goodness of argan oil, vitamin E and bamboo charcoal all working together to break sebum buildup, help detoxify your follicles to make your hair shine and look lively.

· Intense Face & Beard Moisturizer

A man’s skin deserves moisturization that reverses the dullness and dryness it often suffers. Don’t end up on your date without using Intense face & beard moisturizer – your long-lasting comfort partner. It is enriched with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, shea butter and Aquaxyl to give you a lightweight moisturization all day long.

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