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Choosing a Wedding Day Body Mist

Choosing a Wedding Day Body Mist

Wedding day is something that every girl dreams of. A day full of colors from beautiful curtains to flower decorations, the aroma of sweets, the designed lehengas and everything complementing it. To wrap all of it perfectly comes the right perfume you choose on your big day.

Choosing the right perfume on a big day is an art. When you fill up your day with the best body spray and fragrant mist, it will always remind you of the special moments of your life. So for the very important events of your wedding, why do you want to go with a daily-use fragrance?! The scents for weddings must be as exceptional as the dresses and jewellery we choose.

But, how? We girls have good training about how to do shopping for clothing and jewelry all our lives, but perfumes are something that needs more attention. They must be remarkable, unique, suitable and above all refreshing. A body mist is an apt choice rather than going for strong scents. Let’s find out why!

Why choose body mist over other perfumes?

What makes body mists better? It is a blend of natural ingredients and oils that can assure you no harm. Unlike alcohol based perfumes that are absolutely toxic to nature, a body mist is perfectly eco-friendly not just to your surroundings but on your skin too. Just one or two sprays and your skin easily absorbs it without any irritation. It’s fragrance is so soothing that you will fall in love with it with assurance to no headache. There are some brands that formulate best body mists sprays for women that can give you a long-lasting aroma to let you through your long tiring days of sangeet, mehendi and other fam jam affairs.

How to choose a wedding day body mist?

A signature, noticeable perfume is all about what you love to smell like on your happy days. It should resemble your personality and should wrap the area with it. Since the events before and after marriage are long and tiring, the perfume should be well-suited to match such criterias. So, considering a lot of things that occur during the extra special day, you should do the following at scent selecting –

  1. Consider the type of wedding you are planning – A day time marriage party with flowers and fresh decorations around, you would want your body mist that smells with floral richness like that of orchids, roses, violets and woods.
  2. Do not settle for just one perfume.
  3. Read all the ingredients and manual for the mists precisely to validate if they are alcohol-free and contain light aroma.
  4. Avoid wearing a perfume beforehand before you try on another. It will confuse and mix up the sense of fragrance
  5. While taking a trail, always apply body mist right after bath or during the afternoon. A morning usage will give you an assurance whether or not the scent stays all day. The afternoon trail lets you know the sense of scent better than other times since the sense of smell is at its peak during such hours of the day.

You go through so many designs, colors and patterns for your wedding day preparations. Alike that, also be very selective in choosing a wedding day mists. Only then, you will settle for the best.

Buy a combo pack of 2 or more body fragrance mists that you can go with different occasions. Here are some Bryan & Candy’s Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

My Escapade And Urban Scandal Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

My Escapade a dreamy getaway to misty mountain, pine n peaks.
Urban Scandal enrich your urban stylish, graceful, confident and charming personality.

Nottie Berries And Wild Salsa Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

Celebrate the bubbly, mischievous, playful, cheerful vibrant you with Nottie Berries Body Fragrance Mist Spray.
Protect to captivate attention at dance parties and to get red-carpet ready wildness with Wild Salsa Body Fragrance Mist Spray.

Tropical Fling And Naked Sunshine Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

Live your life to the fullest with your days shining brighter each day with Naked Sunshine Body Fragrance Mist Spray.
Slay with a look and steal someone’s heart with a smile Tropical Fling Body Fragrance Mist Spray.

Floral Splash And Urban Desire Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

Floral Splash Body Fragrance Mist Spray transforms your mood towards the freshness valley with a variety of flowers.
Urban Desire Body Fragrance Mist Spray essence of an abstract personality with wild living, full of desire, dreams and fantasies.

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