Choosing a Wedding Day Body Mist

Choosing a Wedding Day Body Mist

Wedding day is something that every girl dreams of. A day full of colors from beautiful curtains to flower decorations, the aroma of sweets, the designed lehengas and everything complementing it. To wrap all of it perfectly comes the right perfume you choose on your big day.

Choosing the right perfume on a big day is an art. When you fill up your day with the best body spray and fragrant mist, it will always remind you of the special moments of your life. So for the very important events of your wedding, why do you want to go with a daily-use fragrance?! The scents for weddings must be as exceptional as the dresses and jewellery we choose.

But, how? We girls have good training about how to do shopping for clothing and jewelry all our lives, but perfumes are something that needs more attention. They must be remarkable, unique, suitable and above all refreshing. A body mist is an apt choice rather than going for strong scents. Let’s find out why!

Why choose body mist over other perfumes?

What makes body mists better? It is a blend of natural ingredients and oils that can assure you no harm. Unlike alcohol based perfumes that are absolutely toxic to nature, a body mist is perfectly eco-friendly not just to your surroundings but on your skin too. Just one or two sprays and your skin easily absorbs it without any irritation. It’s fragrance is so soothing that you will fall in love with it with assurance to no headache. There are some brands that formulate best body mists sprays for women that can give you a long-lasting aroma to let you through your long tiring days of sangeet, mehendi and other fam jam affairs.

How to choose a wedding day body mist?

A signature, noticeable perfume is all about what you love to smell like on your happy days. It should resemble your personality and should wrap the area with it. Since the events before and after marriage are long and tiring, the perfume should be well-suited to match such criterias. So, considering a lot of things that occur during the extra special day, you should do the following at scent selecting –

  1. Consider the type of wedding you are planning – A day time marriage party with flowers and fresh decorations around, you would want your body mist that smells with floral richness like that of orchids, roses, violets and woods.
  2. Do not settle for just one perfume.
  3. Read all the ingredients and manual for the mists precisely to validate if they are alcohol-free and contain light aroma.
  4. Avoid wearing a perfume beforehand before you try on another. It will confuse and mix up the sense of fragrance
  5. While taking a trail, always apply body mist right after bath or during the afternoon. A morning usage will give you an assurance whether or not the scent stays all day. The afternoon trail lets you know the sense of scent better than other times since the sense of smell is at its peak during such hours of the day.

You go through so many designs, colors and patterns for your wedding day preparations. Alike that, also be very selective in choosing a wedding day mists. Only then, you will settle for the best.

Buy a combo pack of 2 or more body fragrance mists that you can go with different occasions. Here are some Bryan & Candy’s Body Fragrance Mist Spray Duo Set:

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Essential Bath & Body Products for Your Daily Routine

Essential Bath & Body Products for Your Daily Routine

Bathing was way more simple and beneficial if we go back a few decades. They’d use herbs, natural oils and pure water to cleanse, detox and moisturize the skin before, during and after bath. It was way different then but comparatively today the quality of air and water is quite different. This is why we should add something more to our bath & body routines for overall skin and body care.

To set a daily schedule, it is essential we add a few products to our bath & body care to leave them looking young and amazing despite the free radicals and pollution-full surroundings. We shall run through the most effective products that should be a part of our day and night skincare regimen.

Alike cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three mains for the face, there are three mains for bath & body care as well. They are:

Step 1: Body Exfoliation

Do you know your skin cells and pores are both subjected to good and bad things that are present in water and air? Exfoliation helps you to make way for the good ones for absorption by eliminating the bad ones. These gently work over the skin’s surface to kick-off dead skin cells along with clogged particles in the pores from where the skin absorbs nutrients. This leaves back the skin to its beautiful self for better absorption and cell turnover.

To exfoliate the body skin, you should be aware of the skin type you have to buy best body scrubs online or from a store or. Dermatologists advise to go for sugar body scrubs rather than epsom salt scrub to prevent excess dryness.

Buy Bryan & Candy Orange & Mandarin Sugar Body Scrub Online to make your skin vibrant with a touch of zesty mandarin oranges. With sugar body scrub, you can cleanse and hydrate at the same time.

Step 2: Body Wash & Shower Gel

Cleansing the body using body wash or shower gel can be chosen before or after exfoliation. If you are using nourishing oils in your shower gel, take a bath after using body scrubs. If it is just a daily clean body wash, use it before the scrub. If you are not using either of them, note that soaps are comparatively rough.

Switch to shower gels for maintaining a better bathing experience and they are easy to purchase. You can buy best bath & shower gel online from some of the top brands available. If you are looking for skin conditioning results for softness, smoothness and fragrance, go for gels that are transparent and infused with natural ingredients.

Indulge in Bryan & Candy Black Currant and French Vanilla Bath & Shower Gel to give your skin a dose of moisturization. Infused with natural oils that help skin conditioning. Lathering up with this gel is a truly indulgent way to bathe.

Step 3: Body Lotion

Every individual must use a moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Such individuals can use hand and body lotion that are light-weight and non-greasy if you do not want excess oils over your derma layers. They lock in the natural moisture inside the skin cells to keep it radiant and glowing all day.

If you are using a body scrub after bath, followup with a body lotion to boost the skin with goodness. You should also use it before going to bed for the skin’s night repair. Moreover, today it is quite handy to buy hand & body lotion products online or from any store with safe delivery options.

The above three steps are enough to give you a spa-like experience at home if you do it without any gap every day. However, the following two are dependent for special occasions or reasons. Run through them to know how.

Buy Bryan & Candy Strawberry Hand & Body Lotion Online to plunge into a fruity trip for your skin with the goodness of strawberries. Get a natural blush with breathtaking fragrance of berries.

· Body Butters

Body butters are special products to fix skin dryness around the pathy areas like heels, elbows and sometimes even the chin. For those of you, who complain of skin itching due to excess dryness and flaking, this product is a perfect solution for it. Run a little stroke of this product onto the required areas or on the entire body skin and see how moisturized and supple it feels. Is it a winter rescue solution? and it is absolutely easy to buy body butters online in the flavour of your choice.

Buy Bryan & Candy Green Tea Body Butter Online to get Smooth and replenishing hydration with our refreshingly scented Japanese Matcha Green Tea Body Butter.

· Body Polish

A shiny, smooth skin is everyone’s dream. This is why many opt for expensive spa treatment to fulfil this dream. Although, now that you can buy body polish products online, you can set your spa at home whenever you want, however you like. These work just like facials on your body skin to make it look fantastically glowing. It also gets rid of the tough tans and pigmentation issues. So give the skin a special treatment of your choice with body polish.

Buy Vitamin-enriched Bryan & Candy Cocoa Shea Body Polish is the food your skin needs. Cleanse your skin of all radicals and moisturise it with the goodness of shea.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips - Protect Your Hair This Rainy Season

Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Protect Your Hair This Rainy Season

How many of you go through an uncontrolled hair fall during monsoons? I am sure many would raise their hand and say I am one of those. The monsoonal breeze may be freshening but the humidity, dust and pollution that it carries along with it definitely damages the hair to an unnoticeable extent. This later can be seen as sticky, frizzy, unmanageable, rough and falling hair. 

Before these seasonal woes deeply affect the hair quality and cause long term damage, it is time we create a well planned hair care routine to set everything right for our special crown. After all, this crown makes our personality and appearance stand out. Hence we must take a little time from our daily, busy schedule to care for it and protect it from any harm that these weather changes are going to bring.

Here are a few best hair care tips to protect your hair from the rainy season:

1. Protect your scalp from rainwater

Monsoon waters are acidic that can make your hair rough and full of frizz. Even if your hair is exposed to it, make sure you dry it up as soon as possible with a soft towel. This is because the pH level of the rainy water is not at all good for your hair. So, supposedly if you have drenched due to a heavy thunderstorm, make sure you take a head bath with a clarifying shampoo. Search on the internet and buy the best shampoo online that fits well and promises to solve your hair problems.

While women are quite familiar with their shampoo choices, it is men that are usually unaware about what shampoo can be best for them during such times. Men must take a look at the popular Bryan & Candy’s Impresso Man Everyday Clarifying Shampoo. Always prefer to buy men’s range from men’s best grooming products available in the market or online.

2. A healthy meal equals a healthy hair

We become what we eat – heard of that right?! A proper nutritious diet helps to keep our hair and scalp health boosted from within. Eating food rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals powers the growth, strength and quality of our hair day after day. This gives them a good defense against hazardous things coming their way.

3. Reconsider hair products with the changing environment

Just like how a skin type reacts differently at different seasons, your scalp and hair too does. This is why it is wise to reconsider the products you use for hair when monsoon starts. The following suggestions should help –

  • Use oils that balance sebum creation and moisture for your hair without making it too oily or un-balancing its moisture.
  • Pick the right shampoo to get rid of hair-fall and impurities that stay in hair during this season. While an activated charcoal shampoo can help you detox your scalp and hair well, an anti-hairfall shampoo can work on those elevated numbers of falling strands.
  • Use an oil-free conditioner and only use them around your lengths. Never use it around your scalp area.
  • Wear a hair mask 2-3 times a month if required.

Bryan & Candy Activated Charcoal Shampoo enriched with natural inspired ingredients like vitamin E, bamboo charcoal, argan oil.  Shampoo gently clears up all buildups to let your scalp breathe free and to leave your hair naturally smooth and shiny.

Bryan & Candy Superio Men Anti-hairfall Shampoo formulated with rich & natural ingredients like procapil, hytrolysed keratin & vital amino acid. Procapil provides anti-aging activity on the root sheath. Hydrolysed Keratin can penetrate the hair shaft, replace the lost protein, and strengthen the hair from inside. Vital amino acids provide nourishment for instant conditioning and excellent frizz protection for straight and curly hair.

Bryan & Candy Lemon Thyme Spearmint Shampoo powered by nature inspired ingredients like procapil, hytrolysed keratin & vital amino acid gives real treat for stronger hair.

4. Use your comb the correct way

Using the apt comb for the type and texture of hair you have – curls, wavy or straight. A wooden comb or a brush is preferable than a plastic comb that makes your hair static. The tooth of your comb must be wide, especially if you have thick and long hair, to prevent hair breakage. Wash your comb regularly to keep it clean, dirt-free and germ-free. Never share your comb with anyone.

The Benefits of Using Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

The Benefits of Using Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

Hair conditioning comes with proper oiling because oiling offers deep nourishment, lustrous texture and smoothness. Considering this phenomena, men can now take care of their beard hair as well, now with beard oil. Since managing a beard is a challenge of its own, Bryan & Candy’s Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil is made from learning about them closely.

Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Oil is a complete care package for your whiskers. With regular application of this oil you can promote a healthy growth to the beard & moustache making it easily manageable. Since the beard hair is usually thick and pricky the oil ensures it gets sufficient smoothness to style it however you want.

Designed with the blend of safe and natural ingredients, the oil offers deep nourishment to the hair follicles to stimulate strength. The skin under your beard that usually becomes dry and is constantly exposed to strong chemicals gets naturally moisturized by this product.


  • Argan Oil – Argan oil is a gem for your beard health. Its multi-tasking benefits properties are apt for men’s grooming. It heals up the dryness in the hair and well as the beard skin, soothes any type of inflammation around it and shields them against any damage.
  • Almond Oil – Almond oil is rich in fatty acids, biotin and magnesium that boost hair growth, prevents dandruff, removes dead skin cells, gets rid of inflammation. It also contains oleic and linoleic acid that works as a natural hair smoothner.
  • Wheat Germ Oil – Great at restoring moisture to your hair giving it a conditioning effect. Containing omega-3 fatty acids, it is a potent remedy for hairfall. It also contains plenty of minerals and vitamins that stimulate good volume to your beard hair. The fatty acids in it gives your beard a long lasting hydrating and kicks off flakiness around the skin area.
  • Vitamin E – An optimal nourishing agent that works on brittleness to prevent breakage. When massaged onto your face & beard, it promotes blood circulation for faster growth.

Benefits of Using Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil

The abundant benefits that the beard oil brings you are:

  • Provides softness to the rough, stiff beard
  • Prevents skin irritation & itching
  • Make hair stronger & prevents breakage
  • Gets rid of dandruff and flakiness
  • Leaves your hair non-greasy
  • Gives you a long lasting fragrance
  • An overall great conditioner

Amongst many other benefits that the beard oil delivers, one of the key benefits is that it is completely natural and free from any harmful chemicals. It is free from silicon and paraben and contains no mineral oil or petroleum.

How to Apply?

Step1: Cleanse your face with a face wash or face scrub. Wash with cold, tap water. Pat dry.

Step 2: Take 4-5 drops of the oil onto your palm and rub it between them for a minute gently.

Step 3: Apply it to your moustache and beard hair follicle areas.

Step 4: Gently comb them to even out and set the oil for better absorption.

For best results, wash your face with Bryan & Candy Deep Cleansing Face & Beard Wash before applying the beard oil.

Skin Care Routine For Different Types of Skin

Skin Care Routine For Different Types of Skin

Planning a skincare routine is pretty simple with so much information, guides and manuals available around the internet. The only trouble is that there is no perfect guide for every skin type taking each routine care product into consideration. Read ahead through the article to understand how to identify the type of skin you have; to plan a skin care regime without any mishap.

Types of Skin

There are altogether 5 skin types around us namely:

  1. Sensitive Skin – If you have extremely delicate skin that is more reactive and easily prone to any irritation, itching or redness, rashes, then you have a sensitive skin. The products that suit this type of skin are exceptionally rare, since the beauty care market hardly covers this area.
  2. Dry Skin – If you experience dry skin cells over the skin layers that often flakes and shrinks making it look bad and itchy, you have a dry skin type. Such skin is usually deprived of its natural moisture and requires external hydration & moisturization. So for this type, it is recommended to buy the best body lotions online to keep it normal and loving.

    Cleanse your skin with Bryan & Candy Basil and Lime Hand and Body Lotion, while lemon helps to lighten skin complexion, basil boosts vitamin C in your skin.
  3. Normal Skin – A normal skin is nothing but a balanced textured skin that reacts just as you want it to be; especially against the products you use. It manages and utilises every beauty care product to bring only & only beautiful results for the skin.
  4. Oily Skin – If you see your skin secreting excess oils (sebum) that are too much to handle and get rid off, then it indicates you have an oily skin. For this type, you see the oiliness in every season causing it to be highly susceptible to pimples, acne and germs.
  5. Combination Skin – A combination skin is actually a mixture of oily and dry skin where you see oil production on your face only in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin areas). The remaining part of the face either has normal skin or dry skin, hence the name.

Now that you are aware of which one belongs to you, read ahead to make a perfect timetable for keeping it plumpy, glowing and rejuvenated.

Skin Routine for Normal Skin

Ensure you do the following if you have normal skin –

  • Tone – Sprays a few splashes of rose water onto your skin for toning. It is the best, natural toner you can add to this list.
  • Moisturize – Moisturization will ensure the skin doesn’t go too dull by offering its cells the moisture it needs, keeping the smoothness and lustre intact.
  • Exfoliate – Despite having a normal skin, maintaining it the way it is requires you to get rid of the dead skin cells. Hence, exfoliate. Choose the best type of exfoliators for your face & body separately.
  • UV Protect – Having a normal skin doesn’t mean you are shielded from the harmful UV rays due sun exposure. Wear a UV regularly as a part of the regime.

Skin Routine for Dry Skin

If you have a dry skin, implement the above in your daily beauty care –

  • Use Non Foaming Cleansers – Any type of foaming cleansers, including soap, can be harsh on the type of skin you have. Hence, use non-foaming face wash and body cleansers to prevent the skin from excess dryness.
  • Use a Sugar Scrub followed by Moisturization – It is mainly inadvisable for dry skinned people to opt for exfoliation since it contributes to make them dry further. Using a sugar scrub is feasible only if you follow the step with moisturization.
  • Add a Face Serum to your List – A face serum can give this skin type the nourishment it lacks. Using a face repair serum before going to bed can improve the texture and give it an even tone.
  • Follow Night Moisturization – Since the quality of dry skin is prone to going dry frequently, it is vital to moisturize it day and night to make it soft. Use a gel or light moisturizer before sleeping to help the skin get even hydration it longs for. If it is excessively dry, check for the best body butters online of your desired flavor.

    Give your skin a dose of ultra-rich hydration, when you apply Bryan & Candy Strawberry Body Butter. 24hrs moisturising properties make your skin stay softer for longer.

Skin Routine for Oily Skin

Oily skin has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a skincare checklist that can help you keep it fresh, active and beautiful –

  • Cleanse Twice a Day – Deep cleansing is the only method to keep the excess oil from the skin at bay. This will prevent acne, pimples and other complications.
  • Exfoliate More Often – Exfoliation is a must to wear off the extra sebum present on the surface of your skin. It also helps to pull off the toughly clogged pores, dead skin cells and dirt mixed with this oil, again, to avoid pimple-causing problems. Sugar scrub can be the best exfoliating scrub to fulfil this purpose.

    Give your skin the nourishment it needs with Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea Sugar Body Scrub to hydrate and oatmeal extracts to exfoliate making it healthier and beautiful.
  • Use Face Pack – Face packs have the properties to balance out the sebum secretion, dryness, nourish with goodness it has and take care of redness, blemishes and inflammation. It is like a saviour for your skin issues.
  • Use a Glycolic Toner – Toning encloses the skin pores that might catch dirt, oils and impurities from the environment. Therefore, choose your toner wisely.
  • Lightly Moisturize Twice Daily – Gel moisturizers are light moisturizers well suited for oily skin. They ensure hydration without affecting the skin’s natural oils.

Skin Routine for Combination Skin

Treat your combination skin right with a beauty care schedule for day and night, such as –

  • Cleanse – For acne, use salicylic acid in your cleanser. choose only a suitable shower gel for this skin type since the dry areas as well as the oily areas can be affected by its results.
  • Tone – Tone your skin using plain rose water or add vitamin rich ingredients to it to balance the skin’s reaction to the product.
  • Moisturize – Hydrate & moisturize day and night to keep the softness balanced amongst the two different areas of this skin type.
  • Apply Face Serum or Face Oil – Face oil or face serum repairs the damaged parts of this skin texture and stabilizes its reaction to the products you use. Always keep this in your skincare routine.
  • UV Protect – SPF protects your combination skin to keep sun damage, tanning and burns at bay. Do not skip this step.
  • Exfoliate Regularly – For complete exfoliation, use a salt or sugar (advisable) scrub regularly. For lustrous results, body polish is preferred over a normal scrub. You can buy body polishing products online from a reputed skincare brand and add it to your weekly or DIY spa regime.

    Grab a natural nourishment for your skin with Bryan & Candy Green Tea Face & Body Polish that also hydrates and has the healing powers of green tea.

Skin Routine for Sensitive Skin

Unlike all the above products and steps recommended for other skin types, it is exactly the opposite for sensitive skin since it is quite reactive, gentle and delicate to handle.

  • Cleanse Gently – Do not add harsh, chemical-rich products to your daily care checklist. Use natural cleansers instead for gentle cleaning.
  • Use a DIY face mask – Make your own face mask using milk and honey or buy a face mask product formulated to suit sensitive skin tone. If you have tanned skin, use it daily or add it to your weekly schedule.
  • Tone cum Moisturize – Use aloe gel with rose water or a suitable moisturizer to both tone and moisturize the skin effectively.
  • Exfoliate with Sugar Scrubs – Choose the best face scrubs for sensitive skin. Dermatologists would recommend selecting a fruit sugar scrub for body and face exfoliation for sensitive types of skin.
Bryan & Candy 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum Can Restore Your Youthful Skin

Bryan & Candy 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum Can Restore Your Youthful Skin

What is a Face Serum?

Face serum is the absolute solution to the never ending skin concerns. It is super powerful to develop your dull skin back to perfection and bring its radiance and glow to life. It is boosted with nutrition rich ingredients that no other face care product can ever match. These ingredients activate and rejuvenate your skin by working deep under making it plumper, supple and baby soft.

Why is it Necessary?

Our facial skin is far more delicate than our body skin. So you can imagine that the current lifestyle that we live in affects our face more than our body skin. With constant exposure to the toxic air, water and unhealthy food we eat, it requires more than just the outer application. It needs a high level of nourishment that is projected from the lower dermal layers to make the outer dermal (skin) layer healthy. A face serum is right here to do that!

Bryan & Candy 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum

Looking at every single skin concern we go through day-to-day Bryan & Candy brings you the ultimate rescue from it – Its 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum. Formulated with the best blends of superfood for your skin, it promises you nothing but a beauty miracle. So be ready to say bye bye to all these problems from the first use itself.


Bryan & Candy 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum

Bryan & Candy 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum is infused with the power of these four fantastic ingredients, each of which is a package full of benefits for your skin.

  • Vitamin C – With a wide range of healing properties, vitamin C is great at retaining the skin’s moisture to give you ever-lasting hydration. It is very helpful in fixing pigmented areas and restoring the skin’s natural color. It also settles redness and uneven skin tone leaving it smooth. Other benefits include reducing dark circles, preventing skin sagging, boosting up the production of collagen and protecting from sun damage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic acid is like a supplement for your skin that gets rid of fine lines, wrinkles working on dull and damaged areas. It is great at healing wounds therefore it can show visible improvements from first use itself. Improving skin elasticity, hyaluronic acid makes it supple and gives it sheer radiance.
  • Alpha Arbutin – Alpha arbutin balances melanin production in your skin to prevent discoloration and spots. Thus your skin will have an even color and tone throughout. It also has antioxidants that slows down ageing mechanisms, ageing spots and projects UV blockers working on sun damage and creating a shield from further damage.
  • Licorice Extracts – Rendering anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and so much more in just one ingredient itself. Licorice extracts in itself is more than enough to keep your skin youthful, brightened, radiant, fresh, and free from spots & acne with regular use.

How & When to Apply

· How to Apply?

Step 1: Cleanse your face with a face wash or face scrub gently. Wash off with cold water and pat dry.

Step 2: Take a few drops of the repairing serum onto your palm and rub it gently between your hands to activate the product.

Step 3: Apply this product all over your face and massage in gentle circular motion for the serum to absorb nicely into your skin.

· When to Apply?

The best time to apply face serum is before going to bed. Use face serum in your nighttime regime to help it do its job well and without any disturbance while you are fast asleep.

Complete Skincare Guide For The Monsoon

Complete Skincare Guide For The Monsoon

Everyone welcomes the monsoon as a soothing creation but before its arrival we make great preparations to survive through what the season brings. Alike that we must also make preparations for our skincare and follow it across the entire seasonal showers. While umbrellas, raincoats and many other things protect us from the heavy rains, there are a few do’s and don’ts we can accompany us in our journey of fit & fine skin.

Skincare Do’s During Monsoon

Shield your skin against SPF everyday

Keeping your skin SPF protected is a must when it showers. And not just it, apply it regularly everyday to prevent exposure to harmful UVs despite the uneven weather you observe. This will ensure minimal damage to your skin from direct sunlight. Other tips mentioned can prevent the leftover damages if any.

Keep impurities and dirt away

Rainfall water and winds are highly blended with pollutants and grits now-a-days. Therefore, whenever you get wet under the rain, make sure to cleanse, wash or if your skin is exposed to a higher level, then do exfoliate. Infact, it would be suggested that you scrub once a week at the max. Face scrubs are famous, but do not ignore your body skin as well. Go for body scrubs too for complete care.

Pro-tip: Find yourself the best body scrub products online that are sugar scrubs and not salt scrubs to prevent excess dryness post exfoliation.

Buy Bryan & Candy Green Tea Sugar Body Scrub which is an exfoliator suitable for all skin types with the benefits of Green tea extract to keep your skin healthier and fitter.

Follow strict hygiene

Whether it drizzles or it falls heavily, hygiene should be the number one priority. Since the rainy air carries so many pathogens, following strict hygiene can be a great prevention step. Remember that prevention is preferred than cure, it is affordable than cure – COVID-19 is a great example. Add some extra nourishment to your bathing experience as well. Check out and buy bath & shower products online that match these expectations rather than having a harsh soap bath.

Buy Bryan & Candy Cocoa & Shea Bath and Shower Gel to get moisturize your skin with the goodness of shea butter and get all the skin benefits of cocoa to soften your skin and boost your mood.

Use hot or warm water for drinking and applications

It is vital to boil water for bathing, for drinking and even for any skin applications. Like we learned earlier that the rainy air is prone to diseases, drinking hot or warm water and using it for bath, head-bath, hand wash and applications will help. So avail hygiene, warmth and protection altogether get multiple benefits.

Skincare Don’ts for the Monsoon

Don’t forget to wear a rain-proof jacket

As a precautionary measure towards the skin, prefer wearing a rain-proof jacket than using an umbrella. This will keep it least exposed to the acidic water and other hazardous things that it carries.

● Don’t eat or apply refrigerated products

Prevent applications of refrigerated products as much as possible during the rain. It can lead to dried and dull skin. Also, make sure you don’t eat chilled products; they may affect the dermal health internally.

Don’t keep your skin exposed to rain-water for long

If at all your body skin or part of it is exposed to rain-water it may cause dullness, pigmentation and itchiness. Use products like body polish and moisturizers to maintain the skin’s natural lustre. You can buy body polishing products online to brighten the already dull skin and give it a protective layer from any other harm.

Give your skin a zesty touch with Bryan & Candy Orange and Mandarin Body Polish. Exfoliate with orange scents to get a long-lasting glow.

Don’t forget the 3 main steps

The biggest lesson that 2020 taught us is always wash, sanitize and apply. Hence, whatsoever product application you make for the dermal care, make sure you wash it first, then sanitize it and lastly apply. Because, in the end this is the real care needed.

Hair Care - Men's Shampoo for All Hair Types

Hair Care – Men’s Shampoo for All Hair Types

The recent years observed hair grooming trends growing popular and taken over by men more than women. With new additions in haircut, hair styles and hair colors, so many men have begun to care for their hair to make it look fuller, bouncy and lustrous. Not to forget the basic need for hair care is to combat the common hair problems you have to make way for a healthy growth. Therefore, it is advisable for men to choose their shampoo wisely for their haircare goals.

Finding a shampoo is another task for men since these are not so popular arenas where men are great at. So here’s a guide to help you know what can be some of the best shampoos for men to suit all hair types.

· Daily Cleansing Shampoo

Let’s begin the list with daily cleansing shampoo that is a much needed remedy for men like you. Men prefer washing their hair almost everyday and with the tough environment they go through, Bryan & Candy Impresso Man Everyday Clarifying Shampoo can help them keep their hair feel clean and lively.

Which one to pick?

A daily cleansing wash is not just required to clean but should be also up with hair-nourishing proteins, and must have ingredients that acts as super food for your hair. Some of these ingredients include detoxifying green tea, the goodness of citric fruits, essential oils and more. Having these additions in your daily cleansing shampoo can promote growth and strength with every hair wash. Also to prevent toxins, finding a paraben & sulphate free product is the right choice. Keeping all these in check will help you buy the best men shampoo online without any confusion.

· Anti-hairfall Shampoo

The stressful lifestyle is responsible for increasing hair fall. Many of you would be a part of this and will be searching for that one solution to stop it before it reaches baldness. Hair type and texture categorization is the biggest barrier that keeps us from assessing the right shampoo for hair fall. This is because some might be suitable for curls whereas others go well with straight hair, some are highly greasy that it completely contradicts oily scalp, and so on and so forth. Considering these hassles at selection, some of the best men’s grooming brands have designed anti-hairfall shampoo that suits all hair types and textures, curly or straight.

Bryan & Candy Superio Man Anti Hairfall Shampoo gently clears up all buildups to let your scalp breathe free and to leave your hair naturally smooth and shiny. You can also check out Bryan & Candy’s premium range of grooming products for men that also consists of men’s shampoo for all hair types.

Which one to pick?

Now-a-days anti-hair fall shampoos are enriched with procapil to reduce the brittleness in hair and boost its strength from root to tip. Having procapil in your hair wash would be a plus. While there are a series of ingredients that can be in the list, make sure they are rich in amino acids to build up a healthy growth for your hair.

· Keratin Shampoo

Slightly gaining popularity in hair care regime, keratin shampoo revitalises your hair with keratin proteins that may lack in your daily meal. For a lifeless, dull hair a keratin shampoo can advocate growth from deep under the roots and enhance its strength. They are also well known to improve the elasticity of your hair, making it easily manageable. Apart from all the good that keratin shampoo provides, it is a great source of protein to restore your hair’s natural shine.

Which one to pick?

Keratin shampoos are hard to find, especially for men. But, the ecommerce world has made this easier too. You can pick one from any of the best men’s grooming products online. While you search, you can also take a look at beard care products.

Bryan & Candy Lemon Thyme Spearmint Shampoo helps cleanse all impurities, removes the sebum and deep cleanses the pores & detoxifies the follicles to let your hair breathe. This helps the hair grow better.

· Charcoal Shampoo

On several occasions you must have observed how a hair wash cleans the hair temporarily but dirt and pollutants build up on the scalp and strands either go away partially or stay tough. This is why hair experts have upgraded the shampoo formula with the activated charcoal. Bryan & Candy Activated Charcoal Shampoo is a great detoxifier for your hair follicles. The key ingredient contains deep cleansing properties to clear out impurities, pollutants, sebum and dirt from the scalp and hair to leave it breathable and happy. To conclude, charcoal shampoo should be considered as a must have especially if it suits every hair type.

Which one to pick?

While your shampoo has the richness of activated charcoal, checking the other list of ingredients is important too. A few hair washing product brands add vitamin E and nourishing oils to this recipe to rejuvenate the pores with goodness while the super ingredient unclogs them. These added agents enhance the nourishment process for your hair and balances the sebum secretion for better hair health.

How Can We Take Care of Our Face in Monsoon

How Can We Take Care of Our Skin in Monsoon

Monsoon season might be relieving from the scorching heat but it has challenges of its own. As the rainy days take over slowly, steadily to keep summers behind, it brings immense humidity along. This change in the air quality and the environment around affects your skin the most, mainly the face. To beat the troubles that it carries for face skin, the article will provide you with what you must do exactly to keep them at bay.

Here is what you must do:

· Exfoliate the dirt off

With monsoon round the corner, make your skin ready for it with just the right products on the table. Exfoliation is amongst the many must-haves to consider considering your skin can catch dirt particles easily during the humid environment. A body scrub or a face scrub is a perfect choice for exfoliation; removing the badly affected dead skin cells out and unclogging the trapped pores.

Activated charcoal face scrub is the best exfoliating face scrub you can find at a reasonable price online. It is just the exfoliator you need for the rainy season and it really helps to make room for a good amount of blood circulation till the upper layer of your face skin and eventually help in the growth of new cells. You can also find good sugar body scrub in the nearest shopping mart for body exfoliation.

What I would recommend:

I absolutely prefer Bryan & Candy’s Activated Charcoal Face Scrub which is boosted with provitamin B5, vitamin E and allantoin and promises no sulfur or parabens.

· Cleansing is Most Important

Wherever you go, make sure you cleanse your body and face from time to time. Usually the rainy environment makes the skin lose excess oil whereas the air carries germs and dirt as well. There is also tanning that needs to be said goodbye to in the season. So the body needs to be cleaned off from these harming agents. A face wash & body wash is just enough to do this job.

Ensure you cleanse with a rich face wash containing properties that helps to beat the above problems. It should also have good brightening properties as it detans and fixes the sun damage. You can buy face wash products online from brands that assure toxin free products.

What I would recommend:

My go to face wash for monsoon is the Garnier Light Complete Face wash for Women. For Men the best one is Bryan & Candy’s Intense Brightening Face Wash for Men. For body wash I love fruit based products that have citric orange and mandarin goodness and longtime refreshment.

· Never Leave Moisturization Behind

Whatever the skincare routine you follow, never forget to moisturize. Moisturization improves the dehydrated, dull skin and prevents fine lines, wrinkles and so many other issues. Noticeably, moisturization is the need of every skin type, even if it is oily skin. And ofcourse during monsoon, a moisturizer will slow down oil production caused by the humidity.

A light moisturiser is always an optimal choice for locking up water content in the skin and preventing excess oil production. While you must be aware of the best face moisturizer suitable for your skin type, a body lotion is perfect for your body skin. You can buy naturally formulated hand and body lotion products online to prevent damage from the chemical based products.

What would I recommend:

I love using a pinch of aloe vera gel and olive oil mixture as my face moisturizer. For body moisturization I find great results from Bryan & Candy’s Cocoa and Shea Hand & Body Lotion; made up of just the right ingredients.

Beard Care - Beard Grooming & Beard Styling Products

Beard Care – Beard Grooming & Beard Styling Products

Beard is prestigious for every man. To be a beardman takes effort, dedication and patience. Gone are the days when men had those typical styling types regarding their facial hair. Today they are more cared for, nourished and maintained well to meet the needs of every man’s expectations & trends. Every problem that you face while growing, keeping and maintaining this prestige can be dealt with by beard grooming & beard styling products that were earlier hard to find. These highly essential products for men are easily available online with the best in class recipe to hold that handsome look intact.

Looking at what all we require to leave your beard healthy, glossy and awesome, let’s walk through the range of products that can help us achieve this goal. These products are not only useful for styling purposes but also keeps the tough, thick and curling whiskers smooth, silky and manageable.

· Beard Oil

Oiling offers deep conditioning, nourishment and strength to one’s hair. Therefore, oils are often used to maintain the richness of your hair, face and body skin.

Why use this product?

For your whiskers and moustache, beard oils can provide ultra nourishing results to boost growth and give it an even look. Oil being amongst the best carriers of vitamins and minerals deep within the roots and skin layers improves texture, smoothness and offers natural moisture to the facial area. Thus, beard oil must be considered amongst the most popular and the best grooming products for men.

Ingredients to look out for in your beard care oil:

  • Argan oil – fights frizz, adds lustre, protects from damage
  • Almond oil – rich source of vitamin E, keeps hair healthy and strong
  • Wheat Germ oil – nourishes, moisturizes, conditions, prevents hair loss and repairs damaged hair

Having all the three ingredients in your beard styling product can bring you optimal results as mentioned. Bryan & Candy Ultra Nourishing Beard Oil is a perfect mixture of natural ingredients that you would complete all the beard care needs. Makes your beard smooth, shiny, healthy and smells like heaven.

· Beard Wash

Cleansing your beard is as important as cleansing your face. Since this part of your facial skin undergoes repetitive trimming and rubbing due to shaving, it is important that we offer it a deep cleansing regularly.

Why use this product?

Using a product like beard wash improves the quality of your stubble, whiskers and moustaches by clearing out dirt and grit from it. When you deeply cleanse them, you can get rid of a rough, coarse touch on your facial skin and hair. Some of the best face & beard wash are effective to soothe the constant skin irritation that men often feel due to stubble and skin dryness around that area.

Ingredients to look out for in beard wash:

  • Licorice – soothes the scalp, prevents dandruff & scabs
  • Provitamin B5 – strengthens hair follicles, promotes growth, boosts blood circulation
  • Oatmeal – softens, tames and adds moisturization

It would be best if you buy beard care products online that contain their super ingredients to give full nourishment to your significant epitome of manhood.

Give your beard the royal treatment with our specially formulated Bryan & Candy Deep Cleansing Face Beard Wash, made with all natural ingredients. Every time you rinse your beard with this wash, you clean each hair from the root up without stealing moisture from the beard or your skin.

· Beard Moisturizer

The most flakky, itchy and dry part of a man’s face calls for an intense moisturizer. Therefore, it is strange but using a beard moisturizer can support the grooming & styling regime for men. It won’t just fight the regular issues that you face but also will prove to keep your whiskers healthy and damaged free.

Why use this product?

Often the beard hair begins to prick as it grows and the facial skin where it grows begins to turn red, itchy and cause irritation. Using Bryan & Candy Intense Face Beard Moisturizer can be the solution to these problems and can control them from recurring, with regular usage. Although, use must utilise a non greasy formula to prevent excess oil formation around the beard-growing skin. Now available with no parabens, the best men’s grooming brands can give you a long lasting hydration with non greasy texture, in this product category.

Ingredients to look for in beard moisturizer:

  • Shea Butter – Enriched with vitamins and fatty acids, produces collagen
  • Vitamin E – solves almost all skin problems for beard