Bryan & Candy “Lion Series” for Men’s Complete Grooming Solution- New Launch

Bryan & Candy Lion Series for Men's Complete Grooming Solution

Introducing Bryan & Candy “Lion Series” for Men – A solution that works magic on Men’s Skin. This complete grooming skincare series is enriched with skin nourishing essentials, vitamins and Lemon Thyme & Spearmint fragrance.

Let’s bring out the inner lion and roar out the swag in you – daily!

Here are the 9 must-have grooming products for your men – A box full of care from head to toe:

1. Anti-hairfall Shampoo

Rich in procapil, hydrolysed keratin and vital amino acids. Procapil deeply cleanses the pores, kicks off dirt, removes excess sebum and helps in detoxification of your hair follicles, allowing your hair to grow healthier. Keratin balances sebum secretion and restores your hair’s natural lustre. Vital Amino acids neutralise your hair against radicals and shield them against harmful UV rays.

2. Hair Styling Gel

Hair styling gel is a must-have in a personal grooming kit for men. Bryan & Candy’s Hair Styling Gel formula is nourished with hydrolysed quinoa, aloe vera and pro vitamin B5 to help your hair stay styled all day long. Pro vitamin B5 adds strength to your hair. The product is formulated to give you a matte finish look. It is suitable for all hair types.

3. Beard Oil

Promote a healthy growth for your beard and mustache with the best men’s grooming brands. Argan oil gives natural moisturization, softens the thick, unmanageable hair and makes it frizz free. Wheat Germ oil is a rich source of vitamins A, B, D and E that helps in moisturizing your beard hair. Almond oil soothes inflammation and promotes beard growth.

4. Face & Beard Wash

Keeps your face and beard free from grit and germs. This essential part of men’s grooming kit available online deeply cleanses the skin, conditions stubbles and leaves it soft and shiny. This paraben free foam based face wash has the goodness of licorice extracts, mulberry extracts, oatmeal and pro vitamin B5.

5. De-tan Face Scrub

Exfoliate and treat the rough men’s skin with the goodness of turmeric, mulberry and oatmeal – a perfect combination to get rid of dead skin, impurities, blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores. The blend of natural ingredients clean & nourish your skin to pull out pollution and tan, making it clear and glowing.

6. Bath & Shower Gel

Give your skin a refreshing nourishment of organic aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter daily with shower nourishment gel. It contains essential oils that soothes your body & mind and cheers up your mood. Shea & cocoa butter with essential oils condition your skin making it clear, smooth and soft. 

7. Clay Face Mask

Enriched with tea tree oil, manicouagan mineral clay and cinnamon extracts to detoxify your skin, unclog pores and add an even tone to men’s tough skin. The extraordinary properties of clay reduces dark spots, blemishes, inflammation or pigmentation issues. Coffee seed extracts tightens and brightens skin to its original complexion; gives it a natural, long-lasting glow.

8. Face & Beard Moisturizer

Beats skin dryness with aquaxyl, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. The natural formula protects, nourishes and moisturizes men’s facial skin. Shea butter prevents skin from itchiness and irritation that usually happens after shaving.

9. 5 in 1 Advanced Repairing Serum

Leave your skin young, plumpy and glowing with 5 in 1 advanced repairing serum. It contains vitamin C to fight dark spots, acne spots and reverse hyperpigmentation problems seen in men’s facial skin. Hyaluronic acid boosts luminosity and lightens complexion with detanning action. Alpha arbutin lightens up scar marks, dark spots, pigmentation and reverses UV damage. Licorice extracts acts as an antioxidant that rejuvenates skin, combats signs of ageing and helps to give men’s skin an even tone.

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