Benefits of using Body Polish & Body Lotion

Benefits of using Body Polish & Body Lotion

Moisturizing the body after a nice long bath can be quite a treat, especially if you have your favorite cremes and lotions ready! 

Hand and body lotion + body polish are the skin’s best friend, pampering it to soothe the dry surface to be soft, supple, and glowing. These can help provide complete nourishment to maintain the youthful vibe you absolutely love to cherish.

Now, lotions and body polish have varied application methods. You can gently massage lotions all over to have smooth satin skin. Body polish, on the other hand, is a step-by-step process right before shower time. 

Of course, a trusted body-polish brand can ease the process, saving time, and indulging the skin with the right nutrition.

And when you moisturize your freshly-polished body with some mild cream, it is heaven on earth for your skin.

The benefits of body polish and Hand and body lotion are numerous:

Hydrating Dry and Patchy Skin

Dry skin is an inconvenience for all seasons. The oil glands present on your skin produce sebum, a natural substance for hydrating the surface. 

However, it can lack in production for many, leading to dry and patchy surfaces. People with this skin type feel irritated and frequently itch, resulting in red patches. 

With daily moisturization, you can prevent these itchy hassles. By applying lotion after bathing or house chores, you will be able to relieve your skin off the flaky skin patches, helping it to feel clean, smooth, and soft to touch. 

Bryan & Candy, New York’s Cocoa Shea Body Polish + Hand & Body Lotion come with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, microcrystalline cellulose and essential oils that help hydrate the skin through gentle treatment. 

Removing Dead Skin Buildup for Cell Growth

If you are running against the clock, proper skin treatment might be an uncommon occurrence, leading to dead cell buildup. 

Dead skin and cells are potent for attracting dirt, dust, and grime from the surrounding, leaving the skin to look dull and dry. 

Fortunately, weekly body polishing can help exfoliate the skin for dead skin removal. Body polishes are gentle in scrubbing away the built-up over-clogged pores, allowing proper dirt removal and sebum production.

Just two days a week of religious body polishing sessions before your shower time can show its results through the smooth and hydrated feel on your skin. 

Body polishing also stimulates new cell growth for the healthy and glowing look, helping firm up the skin, adding a natural and robust radiance. 

Anti-aging Properties

Are you noticing small smile-lines near your lips? Worry not as this is just your skin acting up from the lack of nutrition.

Stress and reduced sleep can harm our skin, leaving it to age and wrinkle quicker than us. Moreover, the lack of care outside showering and quick-touch ups are not enough to protect the skin from the harsh UV rays. 

Weekly polishing and pamper can quickly clock-back the wrinkles into smooth and supple skin that radiates healthy habits. 

Green tea is the best solution to anti-aging remedies due to its antioxidant contents. Green tea helps firm the skin and reduces wrinkles. 

Bryan and candy, New York’s Green Tea Body Polish + Hand & Body Lotion contain the right amount of green tea extracts, essential oils and hyaluronic acid, helping the skin stay hydrated and supple for hours.

Rejuvenating the Skin

As a working woman be it at a workplace or home, stress can build up enough to show physical signs. 

Pollution plays a major role in stripping away the natural beauty, to replace it will stressful dull patches, under-eye darkness, pimples, and wrinkles are no stranger to a woman post 22. 

Fortunately, body polishes are the best option to scrub away the debris and keep the pores clean. Unclogging skin pores not only helps to feel you fresh but also makes skin look supple and creamy soft to touch. 

And a natural glow always reflects a healthy lifestyle.

Softens the Edges of Your Body

During winter, you might notice your elbows and knees feeling cracked and itchy. These are rough edges that dry out quicker than other parts of the body. And if you don’t take steps, they might start itching too much. 

Daily moisturization can soften these areas, helping you bend the knees or elbows without pulling the dry-ish skin along with them. 

Shea butter and honey are the perfect skin-foods that nourishes these areas with proper use. Shea butter contains fatty acids and vitamins that supple the dry edges, restoring the softness and hydrated feel. 

Bryan and candy, New York’s Green Tea Body Polish + Hand & Body Lotion provide these rich natural ingredients and more to improve all skin textures to their healthier selves. 

Blood Flow Stimulation

Often, a good massage can make you feel relaxed and calm. Massaging the skin can stimulate blood blow, de-stressing our bodies to feel better. That is why a day at the spa can make you feel as good as new!

Similarly, massaging cream and body polishes have the same effect on your skin, which helps in reviving the tone. 

Bryan and candy, New York’s Mango Frutti body polish contain natural microbeads, that helps improve skin texture through gentle massaging and exfoliation. The polish also comes with microcrystalline cellulose that helps to remove dead cells when you massage your skin. 

Unlike other polish, the polish doesn’t stop at exfoliating but provides healing after-care through aloe-vera extract, castor oil, and more to make sure your skin feels fresh and hydrated after every session. 


Who knew self-care could be so much fun with Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish + Hand & Body Lotion? Not only will you be pampering your body with nature’s goodness but also receive fruitiest polish and lotion combos like strawberry, cocoa, green tea, and more!

Now you can nourish your skin and not worry about spending big on giving yourself some loving. 

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