Be the Harbinger of Gifts this Friendships Day

Bryan & Candy's Friendship Day Gift Set

Be the Harbinger of Gifts this Friendship Day

From running over to your neighborhood friends’ houses early in the morning to secretly passing friendship bands to your school friends in between classes, we all have fond memories of Friendship Day. Back then, Friendship Day used to be one of the most important days of the calendar, marking the day that some friendships would be forged, some rekindled and some appreciated for their enduring strength.

But, somehow, as we grew up, Friendship Day started to lose its heady charm. Competition, complications, and coming-of-age angst made many of us forget the true value of friendships, or at least, the sweet gestures that celebrate them. But, it’s never too late to celebrate the magic of friendships, no matter how old we get.

So what if trading friendship bands during recess is not possible anymore—with friends scattered all over the world? Love can traverse all lands, cross over any boundary. Therefore, Bryan & Candy, New York brings to you their gift sets this Friendship Day that can bring a smile on your friend’s face and a refreshing twist to their daily lives, in any part of the world.

Of course, friends come in all shapes and sizes and moods and quirks. Hence, Bryan & Candy, New York too, brings you gift kits in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and assortments. Is your friend a connoisseur of fragrances? Then our Body Mist selection is a range of fine fragrances that will make them think of you whenever they go out. Are they perhaps fond of a cozy and warm bath? The Shower Gel range from Bryan & Candy, New York is perfect for a luxurious dip whenever they feel like it. Are they fussy about the winter drying their skin up? The hand & body lotion selection can do wonders for their skincare routine, no matter the skin type. All in all, Bryan & Candy, New York will quickly become a favorite part of their lifestyle and it’s up to you to surprise them with whatever their heart desires, this Friendship Day!

We have wide collection of Gift Sets for Her & of Gift Sets for Him.

Here are some of their products divided according to category:

Gift For Her

Bryan & Candy, New York has a wide range of products for women in the Gift selection so that your girlfriend never goes without her bath and body product needs.  A full bath set like the Black Current & Vanilla – Gift Set for Her will take care of her shower, from head to toe. After the shower, she will feel fresh and confident with the Bryan & Candy, New York Body Fragrance Mist Duo Kit for Women as she goes off to take on the world. There are never too many shower products, as is proven by the Bryan & Candy, New York Pick-O-Six Heavenly Fragrances of Shower Gel Collection for Her that will let her experiment with a different fragrance every day. Bryan & Candy, New York Shower Gel for Her (Pack of 3) for Clean Moisturized Skin will be thoroughly enjoyed by her during the winters while Gift Box for Her – Bath & Body Essentials – Sandalwood & Wild Fig may be a great set if she likes exploring unusual fragrance combinations.

Gift For Him

As for the men in our lives, there is a great selection of products with bold and long-lasting fragrances that will be a great refresher – for those friends who like to take early morning showers as well as those who enjoy a late evening relaxing dip. Bryan & Candy, New York Men’s Kit Lemon & Thyme is a popular product with a fresh and sensual note.  Gift Box for Him – Bath Essential in fragrances like New Lemon Thyme & Spearmint and White Citrus & Woody Musk Fragrance are also great gifts with a hint of earthy and fruity notes.  For those who like to experiment with their fragrances, Gift Box for Him – Pack of six Masculine Fragrance Shower Gels can give them a great range of options to choose from every day.


There is also a range of unisex products from Bryan & Candy, New York that is great for everyone who takes their bath and body rituals seriously. Many of us like to decide our personal fragrances and body care products for ourselves, instead of going the conventional way. For those friends, some of the products in this range are – Bryan & Candy New York Cocoa Shea Combo Kit that gives you luxuriously soft skin, Bryan & Candy New York Shower of Delights Shower Gel Kit (Pack of 4) for Clean Moisturized Skin, and fragrance choices that you can change and combine anytime you want, Bryan & Candy New York Spa Essence Kit for a lasting rejuvenation effect, Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Combo Kit for a fresh and sparkling start to your grooming session and Shower Gel and Body Lotion Dual Packs – in Cocoa & Shea and Orange & Mandarin.

BathTub Spa Gift Sets

Bryan & Candy New York’s Bath Tub Spa collection comes with a Shower Gel, Hand & Body Moisturiser, Body Polish, and Sugar Body Scrub that ensures overall pampering for your friend. So what if one is too busy for all day spas? This collection brings the spa to your friend’s home and doesn’t even burn a hole in your pocket. Some of the sets are the Bryan & Candy, New York Green Tea Bath Tub Kit for Complete Home Spa Experience with the healing and relaxing effect of green tea and the Bath Tub Spa Kits in flavors like Cocoa & Shea Butter, Mango Frutti, Orange & Mandarin, and Strawberry that will make you wish for a home-spa session every day of the week. Such a wish is not too far-fetched anymore and this Friendship Day, it could be the day that your friend’s dream comes true!

Bryan & Candy New York is also an SLS free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free venture with natural ingredients so not only will you be appreciating your friend this Friendship Day, but you will also be appreciating the environment and those animals who cannot speak for themselves. Give your friend the gift of safe products and protect them from unnecessary chemicals that may harm the body.  This Friendship Day, let’s bring a smile to every face and say a huge thank you to every friend.

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