Are Sugar Body Scrubs and Body Polish same?

Are Sugar Body Scrubs and Body Polish same

Exfoliators For Happy Skin – Sugar Body Scrubs V/S Body Polish

Flawless skin is a dream for all of us as much as is exfoliating out the skin debris. Yet, we seem to run around our minds while deciding the exfoliator best suited for our skin type. 

Not anymore! 

Sugar body scrubs and body polish are two variants of exfoliation. However, they complement each other as both have diverse features which improve your skin condition. Seize the light as Bryan & Candy, New York dismisses all myths related to exfoliators.

What Are Sugar Body Scrubs?

Sugar body scrub is a gentle body treatment that includes exfoliation and replenishes the moisture level in your skin. In comparison to harsh salt scrubs, it is safe for all skin types. Salt-based scrubs are more painful as the scrubbing process calls for vigorous massages. 

Sugar scrubs consist of a combination of natural sugar, oatmeal extracts, beeswax, and essential oils. Essential oils are extremely healthy for your skin and add up an uplifting aromatic experience.

What Are Body Polish?

Body polish is another full-body exfoliation treatment that removes the dead cell clogging, promotes cell regeneration, and stimulates blood flow throughout to brighten your natural tone. Besides, this process of body polishing allows in the skin hydration, making it a great choice for body spa. Body polish is known for adding in a beautiful afterglow.

Benefits Of Sugar Body Scrubs

Delay Aging

Regular scrubbing from one to three times a week is effective against aging as the cells tighten up from within and fade out the creases, especially around the neck area which tends to loosen up with time. Scrubbing the skinfold areas such as elbows and knees not only lightens it up but also reverses the crimp.

Free Out Ingrown Hairs

Sugar scrub or the process of scrubbing is great for extracting out the stubborn ingrown hair that leads to painful outbreaks which leave scar-like marks on your delicate skin. Ingrown hair is dreadful as it can develop into cysts which might burst and spread the serious infection into the bloodstream.

Bye Blemishes

Sugar scrubs are not just delicate care for your skin, but also tone down the spots and clean out the stored toxins to give your skin a fresh bloom. Regular scrubbing prevents the recurrence of outbreaks.

Benefits Of Body Polish

Cell Regeneration

Body polish speeds up the cell regeneration process while unclogging your skin pores. An instant shine to your lively skin, it also aids in versatile ways by restricting the outbreak of rashes and reversing the saggy skin surface.


Daily stress and contact with pollutants often lead to tan or patches around the skin. Body polish is an effective method for tan removal, patch reduction, or even lightening up knees and elbows. Regular body polishing puts a limit to excessive melanin production, giving you an even skin texture.

Similarities: Sugar Body Scrubs + Body Polish

All In Exfoliation

The purpose of both the products is to exfoliate, that is to unclog skin pores and give your skin a clean and healthy glow. With zero side effects such as redness or over-dry skin, in fact, these products hinder skin problems from reappearing.

Hydrating Therapy

Both the products naturally let in the moisture while opening up the pores. This pays off in a hydrating therapy for your gorgeous skin. Unlike other scrubs, Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Sugar Scrubs capture the moisture from the environment and lock it in your skin layer.

Boost Blood Flow

Exfoliation includes massaging of your skin and allowing in the blood rush. Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish fosters the blood flow and replaces the toxins within your stream. Both of these vivacious products transform your skin into a silky-smooth texture.

Spa Experience

With Bryan & Candy, New York products, it is an everyday spa experience. Embark on this breath-taking journey of rediscovering yourself, keep your stress at bay and glam up. This unique spa experience at home gives your skin that peppy gleam without the hassles of visiting a salon.

Differences: Sugar Body Scrubs V/S Body Polish

Deep Clean

Body sugar scrub ranks right above body polish in deep cleaning the skin pores. Instead, the body polish usually makes up for a de-stress spa or to gain the desired radiance.

No More Ingrown Hair

Body sugar scrub range sets free the ingrown hair from the follicle which is slightly painful but it is the key to curb down any kind of an outbreak. In comparison, body polish lets you enjoy the experience but isn’t too harsh on ingrown hair. So, no more picking.


Body polish is ahead of sugar scrubs when it comes to revealing your inner glow. Both the products vibrantly add up to your skin so that you shine on without a pause. Combine up the products for an everyday spotless show. 

Ideally, you should consult a dermatologist in any such outbreak of skin issues. Bryan & Candy, New York products are remarkable when it comes to exfoliation and hydration of your exquisite skin texture, so keep an eye on our blogs for your ultimate skincare regime.

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