5 secrets about Bryan & Candy Body Polish

Cocoa & Shea – Body Polish

Bye Bye Salon – 5 Secrets About Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish 

We have all heard that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” but vibrancy lies in the confidence that you flaunt. The fast-paced lifestyle insists that you give it a pause and indulge in self-care. Bryan & Candy, New York brings in the evolutionary Body Polish range which precisely reveals your magnificent radiance in a jiffy. So bid your salon goodbye and treat yourself with love.

What Is Body Polish?

Body Polish is a gentle body exfoliator that comfortably aids in to get rid of clogged dead cells and promotes healthy cell regeneration. A boon to your daily skincare routine, as it provides the adequate amount of moisture and makes your beautiful skin glow in gratitude.

Why Is Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish Ahead Of Others?

Bryan & Candy, New York’s range of Body Polish arrives with a variety of ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. It is mild on the most sensitive skin while removing the stubborn dead cells attached to your pores. The striking nature distinguishes it from other exfoliators which often come with hidden clauses.

It also heals severe skin irritation and prevents the skin from turning red which is the most common side effect of exfoliators. So, let’s plunge into the exotic skincare secret that Bryan & Candy, New York gives away about its Body Polish. No more hushing.

Be On Top Of The Benefits

Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish comes in handy with specially curated ingredients to complete your skincare routine. While you focus on your daily-face cleanup, your body also craves equal attention to breathe in the beauty. Listing down the top five benefits that are essential for you to achieve a healthy glow.

Cell Regeneration At Its Peak

Each night the skin sheds millions of dead cells that need to be ousted for production of the new cells. Otherwise, several skin issues such as acne and blackheads creep up. Exfoliation boosts in new cell growth and tightens up the skin surface for an overall even glow. Body polish prevents the skin from aging up which is often a result of harsh scrubs.

No More Clogged Pores

The process of cell regeneration and the presence of rigid dead cells, together create a havoc situation for your skin pores. Exfoliating your body in an upper circular motion purifies your pores and sheds the dullness caused by clogged cells. Moreover, this allows your skin to openly seep in nourishment.

Get Rid Of Pigmentation

Want to remove patches around your arms or lighten up your knee and elbow areas? Then body polish is best for depigmentation of all the dull zones around your body. It assists in tan removal, spot or blemish fixing and even reduces the excess melanin production to achieve a blooming complexion.

Hydrate And Rejuvenate

Body polish effectively adds moisture to your skin, thus allows your skin to cherish the glow. It is an invigorating massage to let in the essentials and also the apt amount of hydration. Plus, it rejuvenates your skin which is constantly fighting against the harmful pollutants.

Accelerate Blood Flow

Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish vitally boosts lymphatic circulation which results in smooth skin texture. The circulation removes all the toxins and harmful materials, giving an instant youthful glow to your skin. Body polishing retrieves back your original tone and prevents wrinkle formation.

Choose From A Variety Of Available Flavors

Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish are available in five amazing flavors to get you indulged in the mighty goodness of understanding all that your skin needs. Give your skin the vivacious glow that you seek in filters.

Cocoa & Shea Butter

Embrace the delightful experience of cocoa, followed by a frothy warm shower to achieve a post polish glow and soft skin texture with shea butter. Best suited for normal to dry skin.

Green Tea

Toast up to the healthy essence and let your skin sip in the goodness of green tea. A little healing always helps. Best suited for all skin types.

Mango Frutti

Give yourself a fruity rush with Mango and feel the silky-smooth texture for days. Ideally, the fruity mix is best suited for combination skin type.


Charge up your passion with strawberries to a delectable self-love session. Don’t forget to unleash your suave. Best suited for normal skin.

Orange And Mandarin

Release the citrus elixir to enhance your skin tone and balance out your sebaceous production. Best results on oily skin type.

Free Of Harmful Ingredients

Bryan & Candy, New York’s Body Polish range is free of sulfates, parabens, and other harmful elements. Liberate your skin by discarding all the waste materials. Follow our blog to know more about your skin type and the products for your overall skincare routine.

Salon Like Shine At Home

Save up your extra time and salon expenses as the microcrystalline cellulose gentle exfoliation formula gives your skin the ultimate salon-like experience at home. Release your quirks by tapping into Bryan & Candy, New York Body Polish. Pamper up!

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